Microblogging for Confluence: New Sidebar for Searching, Subscribing and Filtering

Microblogging for Confluence is a fast and simple communication tool, developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA, which teams use to discuss ideas, get quick feedback from colleagues, or support project development in a straightforward way – all with functions that everyone knows from their personal social media experience. In this new version 2.5, Microblogging for Confluence has included a completely new sidebar for searching, subscribing and filtering.

Topic overview in the sidebar

A major part of this new release of Microblogging for Confluence are topics that are assigned to specific categories. This provides a clear overview, especially in large and busy Confluence microblogs. You can now easily separate the posts that are relevant to them from the noise. These topics are always assigned to their categories.

The updated sidebar on the right hand side contains the overview of all existing topics as in previous releases, but now users can filter the displayed posts by topics. You can select and deselect a topic simply by clicking on it. A checkmark indicates when a topic is selected and included in your customized timeline.



Search for text or hash tags

There is a new search function for microblogs. You can search within micropost content, not only for text, but also explicitly for hash tags. The matching search results are displayed within the microblog, and the matching hash tags are highlighted.

Microblog search function

More flexible email notifications

At times when you don't have access to Confluence, but you still want to keep up-to-date with the microblog discussions, you can subscribe to receive new posts by email: Instead of just the daily digest, you can choose to receive a notification of each new post. You can limit these notifications to specific topics.

Microblog post notifications

(You can hide the sidebar at any time. When you create a new microblog, you can specify whether the sidebar should be displayed or not.)

With this new release, Microblogging for Confluence provides additional customization options for your personal microblog timeline, making it much easier to find relevant posts, and enables a new way to stay on top of new microblog posts.

Test Microblogging for Confluence for free

The newest version of Microblogging for Confluence is available from the Atlassian Marketplace to download and use in your Confluence instance. You are welcome to test the add-on for 30 days without obligation or restrictions. Do you have questions or suggestions? Do you need support with licensing or integration into your system? Please get in touch - we are more than happy to help!

Microblogging for Confluence is an integrated part of the Confluence-based Linchpin social intranet suite, developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

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