JIRA Service Desk 2.4: Automated Rules, Live Queues, Simple Branding, Rich Text for Comments

JIRA Service Desk is Atlassian's help desk solution based on JIRA. It assists service and support teams in integrating inquiries in a systematic process. Here you can learn about the new developments of JIRA Service Desk version 2.4


Whether support teams struggle with getting recurring tasks done or whether new customer inquiries continue to get lost - the new automation in JIRA Service Desk helps you offer effective and efficient service. The automated rules commit actions based on certain events and requirements. Besides the preinstalled rules, customers can define there own rules.CalloutAutomationRules-600x439

Creating a specific automated rule is simple. Enter the event that you want to trigger the automation in the WHEN field. Certain requirements can be defined using IF. The action that is to be committed is entered in THEN. Easy.

JIRA Service Desk 24 Automation 2

Automated rules can be triggered by SLAs. If an issues is pending due to lacking information from the customer, an automated rule can send a comment as a reminder if there is an SLA for customer replies.

Live Queues

Service teams are now able to see at once which issues are still in a certain queue. Even more important: The team knows when new  issues are coming in. The live queues offer numeric indicators that refresh automatically.



There are several improvements regarding themes and color branding of the customer portal. After uploading a company logo (The new version now also supports round logos!) JIRA Service Desk will take over and match the remaining colors of the portal to the logo.

JIRA Service Desk 24 Branding


When an employee is working in the agent view of a customer inquiry, he or she no longer needs to use wiki markup to format the comment. JIRA Service Desk now offers the editor toolbar for rich text known from Confluence.

JIRA Service Desk 24 Editor

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