Bamboo 5.8: Docker Tasks, better AWS Integration, Java 8 Support

With the new Bamboo 5.8 you can count on a faster and cleaner build pipeline. The build structure is more clear due to better agent management and smarter tasks.

Docker integration

The open platform for building, shipping and running applications Docker will reduce your queue time and Docker tasks. In Bamboo 5.7, Docker agents were introduced by Atlassian. The latest Bamboo release features Docker Tasks which simplifies introducing new requirements into a build. You simply need Docker images that meet your build's required capabilities and agents with a Docker capability, allowing tasks to pair with the agents to load the matching images. You can then run builds with with requirements that use Docker as a capability. Atlassian is planning on making Docker a first-class citizen in Bamboo in 2015.


Amazon resources

You can now scale your continuous delivery automatically with Amazon resources with the help of Elastic Bamboo. Atlassian's CI tool creates instances of elastic agents to run builds with remote agent support. Bamboo now allows you to request instances from various availability zones, thus reducing the chance of a request getting rejected and allowing for faster builds. Stock images, including Linux and Windows are now available in all regions, and allow for easier Elastic Bamboo configuration.


To allow you to take full advantages of the improvements in Java 8, such as bug fixes, the programming model, language and libraries, Bamboo 5.8 is fully compatible with Java 8.

Further Information

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