Duplicate Content Defender for Confluence: Avoiding redundancies and double work

The Duplicate Content Defender plugin is a Confluence extension developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA that points out similar existing content while creating new wiki pages. When a user creates a new page and enters the title, the plugin reports if there is corresponding or overlapping content. This function is simple and provides a number of benefits.

Automatically highlights possible redundancies

In Confluence, creating a new document is a matter of two clicks. The user clicks on "Create", selects a template and enters a title for the new page. This is where Duplicate Content Defender comes in.

While the user is still typing, the system shows him which similar documents already exist in the Confluence instance. Once the user has typed the fourth character, the plugin starts searching in the background for existing and possibly congruent content. This search covers both page titles and entire content. If, for instance, the new title starts with "Example", existing documents will be identified in which this phrase may not occur in the title but somewhere else in the content.

The best four hits are displayed directly below the entry field of the page header.


This function is dynamic. Suggestions change if the user continues to type. Additionally, the plugin supports wildcards written as x characters.

Viewing and editing existing content

The Duplicate Content Defender can do more than just refer to document titles. You can click on the page suggestions and a completely formatted preview of the wiki document will open in a layover.

This lets the user keep an eye on existing content and quickly decide whether it is smarter to edit an existing page or create a new one. If the user chooses the first option, he can enter the editing mode with one click.


Avoiding double content and double work

What is the point of the Duplicate Content Defender? This function’s primary purpose is to help solve one of the biggest problems of organically growing enterprise wikis: redundancies and the ensuing chaos.

Dealing with double and triple content is a classic wiki problem you should not underestimate. Users often do not know if the information they want to add already exists somewhere else. Work gets done twice. It is hard know which of the many pages is the most up-to-date. Effort will be wasted on research. And the following question needs to be answered again and again: should I create a new page or update an existing document?

This is where Duplicate Content Defender comes in. The plugin does a lot of the work for users and reduces their uncertainty. You do not have to first start the Confluence search to identify congruent content. The plugin automatically generates an overview of documents that include the information and shows which pages can be supplemented and extended. It’s a small function but saves a great deal of time while work on company wikis.

The //SEIBERT/MEDIA Duplicate Content Defender will soon be available on the Atlassian Marketplace and will be free to test.

Plugin development for Atlassian tools: We are your partner!

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Overview of //SEIBERT/MEDIA-Plugins in the Atlassian Marketplace

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