Our customer DER Touristik’s new social intranet won the 2016 IntraNET Awards

For the fifth time, the online portal IntraNETwork selected the best intranets of the year. Among the three winners was "Compass," DER Touristik’s new social intranet implemented by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and based on our Linchpin solution.

Judged on various criteria, the 18 participating intranets and intranet apps were scanned and evaluated by a jury in the first round. Ten systems made it to the second round. Then, the IntraNETwork members were up. And they awarded the 2016 IntraNET award to DER Touristik.

Social intranet by DER Touristik

The DER Touristik Group is one of the leading tourism groups in Europe. The network has 9,400 employees in the 14 most important European markets and over 150 tourist destination countries. The goal of their new, comprehensive intranet Compass was to link these employees across the globe. The portal facilitates direct exchange and close collaboration between employees regardless of their location or hierarchy level. The integrated chat and video conference solution HipChat also helps in this regard. The new social intranet links the 145 individual Group companies and improves communication between them.

Our customer's intranet team presents the new system to their employees in this rollout video:

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More Information

Award ceremony at the IntraNET event

The award ceremony was held on April 20, 2016 at an IntraNET event in Frankfurt. The winning systems were presented in detail and then officially awarded a prize. Interested parties are cordially invited to the InterCityHotel at the Frankfurt Main Train Station. You can find more information about the IntraNET event here. We will be providing in-depth coverage.

Congratulations to our customer and our team that got them there!

Auf Deutsch lesen.

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