Microsoft Office 365 review and comparison with Google G Suite

Consider alternative software solutions to meet your specific requirements

When enterprises switch from the traditional desktop-based Office world to modern cloud-based solutions, many turn to Microsoft's solution Office 365 without even taking a look at the Google option, G Suite.

That is a mistake, in my opinion, as it always makes sense to evaluate different approaches and solutions and consider them in relation to your own requirements. And we want to help our customers to do so.

When it comes to the question "Office 365 or G Suite?" you will at some point end up comparing the wealth of features offered by one solution with the straight-cut, reduced approach taken by the other. But that alone is not necessarily a signifier in terms of quality; instead, it leads to the question "what do you plan to do with it?" Would a straight-cut, user-friendly approach prove limiting in some way or could it encourage users to adapt to the new system? Would a broad range of features help our users in their work, or could it lead to unnecessary complexity? Things are rarely black and white when evaluating software solutions for enterprises.

Try out the features rather than checking them off

I have pleaded my case against simply ticking off feature checklists when choosing software many times here, as this often places to much value on quantity alone. Instead, I recommend that evaluation teams work with the actual solutions that are considering.

And that is precisely what I do in the video below. I demonstrate specific functions and use cases in an Office 365 account live, and evaluate them as I go; for example, how to change language settings, use the calendar, and conduct video meetings with Microsoft Teams. (There will be more videos on other features soon).

Is it objective? Not really. As an official Google Cloud Partner, no one would `behoove that we were objective anyway. I aim to consciously point out problems. But I also say when Microsoft is doing something well and where they managed to surprise me in a positive way. 😀 Here is the recording of the webinar:

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Your partner for Google G Suite

Are you interested in modern collaboration using Google software? Get in touch if you have questions or want to find out more: We are an official Google Cloud Partner and would be happy to give you no-strings advice on implementation, licensing, and productive use for Google G Suite!

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