ERPNext – Introducing a modern, free and open source ERP system

A community event to learn from each other

ERPNext is a free and open source solution for business management and resource planning in organizations, ranging from small and medium enterprises through to large enterprise environments. We are in the middle of switching to ERPNext here at //SEIBERT/MEDIA: So far, we are satisfied with our progress and enthusiastic about the system's potential!

In addition to an introduction, we believe it would be useful to actively exchange information with the existing community. So, last November we organized a community and user meetup for ERPNext at our head office in Wiesbaden, and were delighted to host Rushabh Mehta, the founder of ERPNext.

Among other things, Rushabh gave a short introductory presentation about the solution: What does ERPNext aim to achieve, and what problems can (or should) it solve in organizations? What is currently being  developed in the community? How does the system scale? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the video of Rushabh's presentation below.

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More Information

Sharing experiences about ERP challenges and solutions

Which ERP tools do you use in your company? Are you satisfied with them? Have you experienced a transition from a smaller to a larger, more scalable solution? What criteria did you use to evaluate such systems? How much time and resources and which roles did your transition require?

If you would like to talk about Enterprise Resource Management, please contact me! Perhaps you would even like to share your experiences publicly - for example, you could join me in a webinar. I would be delighted to talk about both your experiences and our current project!

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Further information

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