Enterprise News Bundle for Confluence: News Categories and intelligent picture scaling

The professional administration of internal news is one of the most important must-haves for companies' intranet solutions. The Enterprise News Bundle for Confluence enables this and makes it possible to show flexible, personalized news concepts for Confluence-based intranets.

Now, the Confluence add-on has been updated to version 1.4, and it has extensive improvements.

Newest feature: Clickable news categories

Until the latest version, you could sort your news only via spaces or labels - the Enterprise News Bundle Release 1.4 adds brand new categories that provide window of opportunities for making your news feed great. For example, you could use news categories to set up a Corporate News Feed consisting of all news belonging to a certain category, across all spaces.

Making your very own new categories is easy: In the administration area, simply add the categories you need or edit existing ones.

Enterprise News Bundle: Create and edit categories

From the existing administrator-created categories, authors can choose the applicable and relevant ones for their news.

Enterprise News Bundle: Choose a category

The reader can now see their desired categories in the Corporate News Feed, Personal News Feed, and the Cover Stories macros.

Enterprise News Bundle: Clickable categories

Enterprise News Bundle: Clickable categories

If the reader wishes to see more news from a certain category, they can simply click on it. This opens an overlay - all the news in the chosen category is shown in chronological order.

Enterprise News Bundle: News category overlay

Practical processing: Automatic image scaling

Using pictures is a good way to present Cover Stories and Co., it also helps make articles look attractive. In earlier versions of the Enterprise News Bundle, you had to make sure your images were the correct aspect ratio and size. Starting with version 1.4, that's not necessary: Your images will be scaled and cropped automatically.

More variety on your dashboard: Avoid duplicate news

In the past, news articles in the cover stories were displayed twice in some cases (depending on the configuration settings of their titles). This bug is fixed in version 1.4: We made sure that this will not occur again.

For more optimizations and looking ahead

We have also made numerous improvements to the basic layout and fixed more bugs. An entire overview of all the changes made are listed in the release notes in our documentation.

Work marches on: Our add-ons are being continuously adapted to meet new modern office requirements. Cover stories, for example, will receive a facelift and become more flexible with their configuration.

Feature video: Categories

Our marketing team created a short feature video which shows you some practical applications. Enjoy!

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More Information

The Enterprise News Bundle allows teams using the Confluence-based intranet more flexibility and grants them even more options to tailor news concepts to suit the individual preferences of their organization. This Confluence add-on is available on the Atlassian Marketplace as the latest version, and offers a free trial so you can test it out worry-free. The Enterprise News Bundle for Confluence is a critical part in professional intranet suites like Linchpin.

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By the way, we've renamed Enterprise News Bundle to be Linchpin Enterprise News. Did you know it is one of the core apps in Linchpin, our Confluence-based social intranet suite?

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