Social Intranet: Linchpin Touch as a Solution for Legal Notice Obligations

Legal notice obligations can be met with an intranet

Depending on the industry and type of organization, there are many different notices that must be displayed. Certain laws or regulations must be made publicly available to employees - for example occupational safety and accident prevention regulations, work agreements, working time legislation, and industry-specific directives such as the X-ray and Radiation Protection Ordinance, and so on.

Legislators want to make sure that all employees know their rights and responsibilities — everyone has seen walls full of such printed notices in tiny fonts, hanging in canteens, corridors or entrance areas. Whether or not the employees have actually read these notices is another story, but the organization must comply and display them, or they will be penalized.

Commendably, legislators have stepped into new territory ... 😉

If all employees have access to an intranet, these notices can be replaced with digital versions.

Ah, it is fabulous when a company doesn't have to display such unsightly printed notices, but instead provides the information in the intranet. In a Confluence-based Linchpin intranet, such documents are easily created, sorted and stored in an easily accessible form, for example as PDF documents.

It is also possible for changes to be sent out as 'mandatory' intranet news, where everyone must check a box to say they have read and understood the changes, before they can continue to use the intranet.

But how do you reach employees who have no computer?

In many companies which already have an intranet, not all employees have their own workstation, but instead work on the factory floor, in retail outlets, or in workshops.

Organizations can now reach even these employees with Linchpin Touch, granting them access to information in their intranet. We have developed a special intranet theme for large touch displays, operated with standard touch gestures as used on smartphones or tablets. One example of such a 55 inch touch screen is offered by our Swiss colleagues Rentouch.

Linchpin Touch has a navigation bar and interactive controls, you can zoom in with gestures, etc. - everyone can now touch your Linchpin intranet. Of course, a button can be integrated into this theme so that applicable laws and regulations can easily be accessed.

In this short demonstration video, we explore Linchpin Touch and show how you can use it:

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More Information

Deliver digital content to more employees

Linchpin TouchA Linchpin Touch implementation on a large screen can be displayed in a break room, canteen and/or in the entrance of a company, and is an attraction in and of itself. It can fulfill the important task of making digital information centrally available to more employees within a company — bridging the gap between the analog and digital realms of the organization — in the form of an elegant visual and haptic experience, engaging employees within the intranet.

I am not a lawyer, so I don't know whether this solution legally meets the criteria All employees can access the intranet in your particular situation, but that's not the point.

This application is intended to be a solution for many scenarios, where it is worthwhile and useful to deliver digital content efficiently to employees who previously had no access to the company's digital content, irrespective of whether this content includes legal notices, company news, internal events, employee representative group (workers' council) announcements, company or site figures, etc.

Linchpin Touch can bridge this gap, and make your Linchpin intranet more successful.

Here are a few example layouts for Linchpin Touch on a large, interactive screen:

linchpin-touch-device 160824_mockwago mw_mainscreen2

Want to trial a prototype in your organization?

We are actively developing "Linchpin Touch", currently in its beta phase. Are you an existing Linchpin customer who would like to see what you can achieve with this implementation? Would you like to trial a prototype or enter into a sponsored development partnership? If you are interested, please contact us!

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