Confluence, Data protection & GDPR: Adapting Terms of Use and configuring user visibility

Effective data protection measures with Terms of Use and Space Privacy

Since the GDPR came into force, most businesses have pushed data protection to the top of their agendas. The topic affects all customer and user data, including data that converges in an extranet where customers, interested parties, partners, etc. communicate and collaborate.

In Confluence-based extranet systems, the Terms of Use for Confluence app allows you to ensure that users consent to your terms of use and data protection information before they log into the system.

The Space Privacy – Extranet for Confluence app addresses data protection issues at a more granular level. You can use this app to ensure the protection of user data itself and configure who can access users' profile information in the system and who can't. (This correlates to the concept of Data Protection by Design as introduced in the GDPR.)

Join Sarah Bär (PO at //SEIBERT/MEDIA), attorney at law Wikey Chada, and myself, as we introduce both tools, present the most important features and take a closer look at some of the legal and practical considerations in this webinar. Learn how you can make your Confluence instance GDPR-compliant:

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