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Introducing Atlassian’s JIRA: Agile project management with JIRA

JIRA helps you collaborate more efficiently with your co-workers and spend less time in following up tasks. This user friendly tool, among many other helpful features, lets you enter descriptions of tasks that need to be done, assign them to other employees and set deadlines. It allows you to create issues (tasks) for helpdesk tickets, project tasks, change requests or software bugs.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is official Atlassian Training Partner

Atlassian has launched a new training program, that will also include interactive courses with certifications. Approximately a dozen Atlassian Expert partners were chosen to support the program. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is proud to be one of them. In this interview, Sherry Quinn (Training Director at Atlassian) explains the new training concept, what customers can expect and why //SEIBERT/MEDIA is a great partner for Atlassian trainings.

JIRA 6.3: Easy Development

It is now possible for software teams to implement development best practices and world-class project tracking at the same time without hassle. JIRA 6.3 is now more integrated with Stash and Crucible. The moment the development of an issue is complete, JIRA automatically updates the issues. In addition, JIRA Agile now allows the entire team an end to end view of the project through enhanced reporting decisions.

Tutorial: How to create a Jira issue

Being introduced to JIRA can be intimidating and overwhelming. JIRA is a very powerful and complex task management and bug tracking system. However, the key functions are very simple and user friendly. Starting to work with JIRA issues is the best way to become familiar with this tool. In the following tutorial, Martin Seibert from //SEIBERT/MEDIA shows how create issues in JIRA and gives an overview of the configuration options.