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Spring is in the air - and fittingly, our new headquarters in Wiesbaden will soon open its doors! In line with this, our HR team has signed off on a new, never-before-seen position - that of "Corporate Culture Representative" or, as we also call it, the student job ever!

Corporate Culture What Now?

Yes, you read that correctly: we're looking for one or two students to become our Corporate Culture Representatives. Why? Well, after a long wait, we'll finally be able to move into our new, modern office building soon. There are, however, two sides to this; a happy one and a sad one. On the one hand, we are incredibly happy to have completed this project and created a great environment for our employees, but on the other hand, it's a shame that the majority of our staff wants to work mainly from home, even "after" Corona.

To make sure the headquarters won't be empty and deserted right at the start, we're looking for students who are willing to bring a little life into the place during their off-time from university.

"I am proud that we are celebrating the opening of the new headquarters with a revolutionary job posting" - Jo Seibert

"Cool that we are not only launching innovative products, but also innovative jobs" - Karo Kutter

The aim behind this is quite clear: Culture first! This is one of the reasons why our Corporate Culture Representatives can enter the building through a separate entrance with a red carpet. Why our new kitchen team is looking forward to meeting you and why socializing is particularly important here.

There's one "but", though: as part of the role, you'll have to do some promotion work. To be able to do this, you'll need to speak German at a reasonable level. That's why the job posting is in German; if you can understand the role, you should have a high enough level of German to perform all the tasks that are required! Click here for all the information and the job advertisement, where you can find out more about what is perhaps the world's best student job and also apply for it directly.

Corporate Culture representative job

What you can expect as a working student in your dream student job

In the unlikely event that all of this is not enough for you, here is a small sample of the benefits that await you in this job at Seibert Media:

company culture representative student job bottom banner


April Fool's!

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