How to structure your job recruiting process in Confluence with Blueprints

Recruiting can be a painstaking process for both HR and the candidate. The time consuming task of reviewing resumes, conducting interviews and writing follow up correspondence can be taxing to say the least. Having a unique set of pages within Confluence that governs and simplifies the recruiting process makes the ordeal more streamlined, manageable and effective. 

The Importance of a Clear Recruiting Process 

Effective staffing is no easy feat and the HR department has a formidable challenge on their hands. Despite an organization's impressive offices, cutting edge technology and successful track record, it is at its core a team of human beings. If the staffing procedure is ineffective, there is an increased risk of unnecessarily lost talent.

Having a clear recruiting process shows candidates that the organization is methodical and process oriented. Candidates also appreciate clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Confluence pages offer a way to document the recruiting process, which can identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and counterproductive segments.

Overview Pages 

The overview page is the entry point into the recruiting process's Confluence space. Each overview page has an automatically generated table of contents that can be accented with headers, visuals and text. The pages listed in the table of contents also serve as quick links, allowing the user to instantly jump to where they want in the space. Links to other spaces and pages in Confluence can also be embedded in the overview page.

Dynamically updated content such as a current count of received applications or where a particular candidate is along the recruiting pipeline can also be added. This gives visitors a quick look at the state of affairs regarding a given aspect of the process. The overview page is the first thing a visitor to the space sees and is a good way to summarize recruiting space visually and textually.


Blueprints are custom pages that can be modified to document portions of the recruiting process. New pages can be added, edited or removed within the recruiting process's Confluence space, giving the HR team the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances as well as guaranteeing that process improvement is simple and easy. Listing open positions in the organization, capturing all received applications and tracking relevant information about the candidate can all be accomplished with blueprints.

By using Confluence to document the recruiting process, you encourage the standardization of the process itself. Standardizing any process fosters quality assurance as inefficiencies can be identified and corrected in a systematic way.

If HR personnel use different processes, noise and waste can be expected. Documenting the process in Confluence puts the entire team on the same page. Unity, cohesion and quality output are thereby enhanced.


By tracking a well defined recruiting process in Confluence, you ensure that the best candidates are evaluated and hired in a timely manner. Documenting the process helps identify bottlenecks and unnecessary complexities within the process and helps it to improve over time. The entire staffing pipeline, from listing open vacancies, tracking candidate applications, parsing and capturing candidate information and visually displaying aspects of the pipeline can be accomplished with Confluence.

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