A Linchpin Intranet customer story with InfoGuard

As the developer of the Linchpin intranet suite, we are always excited to see how Linchpin is used in practice.  We pay special attention to what specific requirements our solution should meet and how our customers implement such projects.

Our colleagues at Beecom in Switzerland carried out such a project. They collaborated with cybersecurity specialists InfoGuard, using Linchpin as the intranet communication platform connecting locations in Bern and Zug.

Modern cooperation means fewer emails, shorter search times, improved navigation.

An intranet project should help solve the specific challenges and problems that a company's teams and employees face. InfoGuard had these concrete goals for their Linchpin implementation project with Beecom:

  • Reduce email volume
  • Establish a collaboration tool to share project information
  • Reduce search times for information and files
  • Improve accessibility of colleagues within the organization, including their locations

These goals align with commonly held intranet requirements. Many of our customers have similar concerns that prompt them to evaluate new intranet tools or rethink the usefulness of their existing systems.

And this is precisely where Linchpin based on Atlassian Confluence comes in: The solution combines modern, cross-location collaboration with traditional intranet features into a fully customizable intranet user experience. On the Linchpin suite website, you can find detailed information about its features and use cases.

A communication solution that solves concrete problems

For the implementation project, our Beecom colleagues installed Linchpin in the customer's network and then optimized the tools. The new Linchpin intranet provides InfoGuard with professional search functions, including robust filter options, a platform that facilitates quick feedback during discussions, and other useful features.

This Beecom quote sums up their experience:

"Linchpin was a great help in solving our data management and communications problems."

Our Swiss partners have published a more detailed summary of this project: Here, you can find the full story about the introduction of Linchpin at InfoGuard.

Our network for your intranet project with local partners

Are you considering adopting a new, modern Social Intranet in your organization? Would you like to work with a service provider in your area? We can help you - both as a software provider and with its implementation project.

In German-speaking countries alone, we have a network of more than 20 partner companies who can support you with your Linchpin implementation process every step of the way. Beyond the German-speaking world, we have other international partners throughout Europe, in the USA and Canada, in Brazil, in Australia and New Zealand as well as in India.

Each of our Linchpin partners has the experience and expertise to carry out a professional implementation project with you and, if necessary, to provide you with expert support even after the initial rollout. You can find details of our partner network in our Infothek.

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