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You may not think that employee onboarding is an important topic during the time of COVID.  But perhaps now more than ever, job seekers are looking for that unique company that has a well-prepared, new employee onboarding process and the tools to consistently carry it through until the employee is an integral part of the organization.

Did you know that 20% of employees quit during the first 45 days of employment (source: Urbanbound)? This means companies have to make sure that from the moment that the new hire signs on, that they don't end up walking out after the first because the company was unprepared.  With a standardized onboarding process, companies can not only make themselves attractive to newbies but also keep them.

The onboarding process doesn't just end after the first day.  Your new colleague has to now learn about your organization, their team, and what their goals are.  So why not have a software solution that can grow with your newbie during their integration period?

Employee Onboarding with Linchpin at //Seibert/Media

Here at //Seibert/Media, our employee numbers have grown steadily over the last few years.  Based on Atlassian Confluence, our Linchpin Intranet is the perfect solution for any organization that is looking to tame their intranet in order not to overwhelm a new employee. Linchpin increases employee interaction and engagement and is steadily becoming a mainstay in the Intranet suite world.

Over at No Cabin Fever Today, our own Adil Nasri gave a great talk on how we at //Seibert/Media use Linchpin Intranet to streamline our employee onboarding process.  From the moment the newbie logs into Linchpin, they are taken through all the steps needed to set up their own profile.  Through the customization, all the information in our company's knowledge bank becomes tailored to their needs.  They get the latest news, workshop schedules to learn new skills and can create a profile to define their skillset so that other employees can find them during searches.


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Employee onboarding with Linchpin

Curious about Linchpin Intranet and want to see how it will work to optimize your organization's onboarding process?  Great! You are invited to test Linchpin for 30 days free.

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