Linchpin Intranet Suite: Discover upcoming functions & improvements

The last version of Linchpin Intranet Suite was released just a few weeks ago with several useful and exciting new features. Version 3.1 brought you a fresh, new look for user profiles as well as additional filter options in the user directory. Our development teams also created a practical theme wizard to customize the system's appearance and renewed the mobile app's technical foundations.

But Linchpin's ongoing development hasn't been halted by new home office constellations in the time of Coronavirus. Let's take a look at the exciting new improvements planned for the next release.

Which features will be included in the next version? 

We already implemented several improvements to the user profiles. Our teams continue to work hard on this central feature that is particularly important to our customers. In the upcoming version, we are planning to roll out various optimizations to the set-up and maintenance of user profiles, as well as touching on the integrated org charts.

Furthermore, we're working on integrating the Blueprint Creator to make it easier to create news pieces and developing an initial version of the default dashboard.

Improving the profile editor's usability

Adding and ordering profile fields in the editor will soon be easier and more intuitive. This way, we hope to ensure that intranet teams can create an impressive looking and practical layout for their user profiles quickly and without having to study all of the documentation.

profile editor

Updating your own profile on the go

The upcoming release will also include improvements to the mobile version of Linchpin. This will enable users who are often on the road to access the system, make changes to their user profile, and keep it up to date using the mobile app.

mobile view

New design for org charts in profiles

The org charts in user profiles, which visualize where a user is situated within the company structure, will also be updated in the upcoming version to make the visual representation even clearer. The next Linchpin version will also include the option to show colleagues on the same level and navigate through the levels above and below.

Integration of the Blueprint Creator for news creation

We are currently working on the integration of the Blueprint Creator app into the Linchpin Intranet suite as a way to make it easier to create news pieces and, at the same time, ensure that editors include all of the relevant metadata. This enables intranet teams to prepare extensive templates for news and so to make news pieces easier to set up and fully operationalize. 

Prototype for default dashboards

With a prototype for default dashboards, we're taking a step towards self-service. We intend to gradually make the intranet's configuration should a lot easier. Initially, the default dashboard will offer conceptional and creative support when setting up a dashboard.

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Do you want to learn more about Linchpin? We'd be happy to discuss your requirements and use cases, and invite you to join us for a demo. You can find more detailed information on features, benefits, and prices on the Linchpin website. Or take a look at all that Linchpin offers in a pre-configured system. Our demonstration instance is available at any time and is a great way to get a first impression.

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