Power Scripts for Jira: Automation and optimization made easy

One of the features that companies' use the most in Jira is tracking and stepping an issue through a workflow or process. But the full power and customizability of Jira is only unlocked by using scripts that can access the Jira Rest API.

With scripts, you can extensively customize Jira (screens, custom fields, and more), automate complex workflows, create custom listeners to react to specific events, and enhance Jira's reporting and integration capabilities.

However, many scripting apps that plug into Jira don't give you access to the full API, or use horribly complex scripting languages. Administrators needed to know Java, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, Groovy and sometimes more, just to take advantage of Jira's full capabilities. Writing (and debugging) scripts is typically very time consuming and frustrating, and you can never be certain that your scripts would work correctly after you update to a newer version of Jira.

Power Scripts for JiraPower Scripts for Jira makes scripting easy

Power Scripts for Jira, developed by cPrime, uses an easy-to-learn and flexible scripting language, SIL (Simple Issue Language), created specifically to make scripting in Jira as easy and fast as possible.

Administrators no longer need to know the intricate details of the Jira API and write huge code blocks by hand, they can also use Power Scripts' clean dashboard-style interface to define custom fields, and customize and automate workflows with the full range of Jira's post-functions, validators and conditions.

You can even customize the Jira interface, hiding or displaying elements of the UI when certain conditions are met, without knowing Javascript.

Save time spent writing scripts

SIL scripts are short - one action per line - you need much less code than other scripting apps for Jira. Faster to code, test, debug and implement. This can add up to huge savings when your administrators or consultants are setting up and customizing Jira to meet your custom requirements.

Simplify the Jira interface - make Jira easier for users

Take advantage of the 'smart' Live Fields feature, which can be used to streamline the UI to display the elements that a specific user group needs to see. Do you want clients to access the issues they have raised, but not see how much time has been spent? No problems, it's simple to disable the display of the time tracking information for those users.

With Power Scripts and Live fields, you can:

  • auto-populate fields based on phrases in an issue's description of comments: Set a high priority automatically when a product owner uses the word "important".
  • automatically assign issues after creation to groups and/or specific users based on the project and issue type.
  • block issues from being marked as completed until all of their subtasks have been finished.
  • enforce processes more strictly than in Jira itself.
Automate (almost) everything

With flexible schedulers, listeners and a powerful email handler, you can automate processing-heavy reports to be created on a schedule, react to a wide range of events, and automatically process incoming email sent to your Jira system.

With super-simple and short scripts, a smart interface for users, and the incredible flexible automation options, you can save everyone's time and make Jira easier to use. Everyone wins: administrators, consultants, project managers and team members!

Don't worry about backwards compatibility

With Power Scripts' Live Fields and SIL, you can save the time that you'd normally have to spend making sure your complex JavaScript routines still work when you update to a newer version of Jira. Your customized scripts in SIL can seamlessly move with you from one JIRA version to another.

An example: Documentation and content requiring translation

Most of the content and documentation here is initially produced in German, and it needs to be translated. I had to monitor several content sources every day and make sure nothing slipped through the cracks (which inevitably, lots did!) With Power Scripts, my colleagues don't have to remember each time to assign or create a translation issue before they close their issue as done, they can simply activate an optional checkbox: Does this need to be created?

Not all projects or departments need to even see this checkbox - IT or programming tasks don't need translations, so the checkbox is hidden. Keep the Jira interface as simple as possible and save time!

Power Scripts automatically creates a subtask (linked to the main task), plus depending on the department and project, it sorts it into my translation queue with an appropriate priority, and assigns the issue to me. For example, customer emails and newsletters are higher priority, blog post translations (usually) lower priority.

This also means that the time needed for translation is built into projects, tracked, and visible in reports, instead of tacked on as an afterthought.

The library of sample scripts and tutorials provided by Power Scripts made this very quick to implement - the video below was the perfect solution.


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Have a look through cPrime's extensive tutorial and recipe library and see how much more efficiently and effectively you can use Jira by using Power Scripts!

Power Scripts - one app to do everything

Most other scripting apps that extend Jira's capabilities don't cover your requirements by themselves. Many apps can only do a few specialized things. Power Scripts, with its full functionality, can replace the need for a large number of apps: email handling and processing, integrations with LDAP/databases/APIs, schedulers and listeners, conditional UI customization, full workflow automation and more.

It's both easy to use, and it has features that will delight power users and experienced administrators.

Want to power up your Jira instance?

Do you want to take advantage of the power hidden in Jira, or switch to an easier scripting app for Jira? We are Atlassian experts with the experience of hundreds of successful projects behind us. We can help you define requirements, customize and power up your Jira workflows and interfaces. Whether you want some advice, want to test or purchase Power Scripts, we would be delighted to help! Contact us today.

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