Atlassian Summit US 2017: News and Announcements From the Product Keynote

The product keynote at the Atlassian Summit US 2017 San José finished only a short time ago - and this year is extremely noteworthy. Here is a roundup of the most important news.

Stride's big introduction

A few days ago, Atlassian gave us advance warning of their new product, Stride, and now it has been featured on the Summit stage. Stride is Atlassian's new cloud-based team communication and instant messaging solution, which will replace HipChat Cloud. (HipChat DataCenter is not affected and will continue to be developed separately). There will be mobile and desktop apps, and even a Trello integration. Stride looks really promising! Take a look at the Atlassian website for more information.

Complete rebranding

Atlassian has a brand new visual appearance which made its debut at Summit. The big rebranding includes a new corporate logo, new logos across their entire product line, and a new global font. Atlassian will also gradually roll out these innovations to their products.

Native mobile app for Confluence Server

It has taken quite a long time and it was quite the surprise: Atlassian will soon release a native app for Confluence Server! Let's see what it can do. A similar JIRA Server app is also nearing release.

Trello apps for desktop

Atlassian bought the project management tool Trello six months ago. Then everything surrounding the new member of the product family went quiet for a long time. But now there is news to announce: With a new feature, multiple teams and boards can be linked together. Even more exciting: Native desktop apps for Trello are about to be launched!

Teamwork platform

This includes the Atlassian Home solution, which we discussed in more detail in our interview with Sherif Mansour. The Teamwork platform is designed to support working across multiple tools, with notifications, user-to-user interactions such as mentions and comments, cross-system functionality, and more. Exciting! Atlassian Home is now available to all JIRA Cloud and Confluence Cloud customers.

Other announcements in brief:

  • Soon available in JIRA: Priorities for projects.
  • Also in the near future: Integration of the performance testing framework in JIRA Data Center.
  • Atlassian's Cloud products get an identity management solution, including SAML support.
  • Trello boards are now available in Bitbucket Cloud.
  • An embedded service desk is in the pipline.

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