What Is Involved in a Linchpin Project? The Full Monty!

To help you see exactly what happens when you collaborate with us on a Linchpin intranet project, we've detailed all of the components and services we normally provide in an Linchpin introductory project. This includes all of the workshops, a typical timeline, and details of the training sessions that your staff can take advantage of.

All of the Linchpin project documentation is available in our knowledge base - if you have ever wondered what goes into a corporate intranet project, now you know! Here's a very brief overview:

Kickoff and structure workshops

These are the first few workshops and they get the project teams together, provide an introduction to working with Confluence and Linchpin, and then dive into defining the information structure and permissions of your company's new intranet.

Concept and design workshops

The concept workshops focus further on structure, and define the personalized aspects of Linchpin: These are the components that make Linchpin a fully-fledged and modern Intranet 2.0 solution. You'll also define the news and content concepts during these workshops.

The design workshop is full of examples, so you can see how other companies have successfully implemented a Linchpin intranet, and then you start working on your company's customizations - the design aspects that make your intranet fit with your corporate design.

Training sessions

Of course, there are training sessions scattered throughout the project: Users, power users, content editors and administrators can attend training sessions, and train-the-trainer sessions are offered so that internal employees can train new employees to use the system as they come on board.

What about the software components?

In our Linchpin DIY guide, you can see all of the software components and their configuration steps: From the base Confluence through to personalizing the Custom User Profile add-on and more. You can use this guide to set up your own Linchpin instance as a demo to help convince management that a Linchpin project is a worthwhile investment!

Have we missed something?

Did you want to know something that we haven't yet covered? Are you having trouble defining your requirements or struggling with personalization options? Perhaps you don't know what Linchpin add-ons or services you really need? We are here for you - please don't hesitate to contact us!

Linchpin is a mature solution that extends Confluence to be a fully-functional social intranet suite. You can find detailed information about features, functionality, advantages and prices on our Linchpin website.

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