Codeyard – Your and my comprehensive approach to Atlassian Software

Most of the people reading this blog post at the time of publishing will not know what Codeyard is. And it may sound strange that I am not sure either what it will be six months from now.

If you want to stop reading right now, I will have to live with it. But there is a very big upside for you:

Codeyard is everything Atlassian you want it to be.


Let me explain that a little. There are two ways. The marketing and the project way. Let’s start with a short recap of what Codeyard is:

Codeyard is a comprehensive approach to use Atlassian software broader in your company. It is the combination of multiple Atlassian tools to improve your software development process.


Confluence has the world’s most advanced web-based rich text editor. Nothing beats that. Not even Google Docs, which is really cool with concurrent editing and more advanced mobile readiness. But it can’t connect pages, doesn’t know hierarchies of documents, doesn’t offer easy linking between pages, can’t embed pages or any document into another document, doesn’t have columns for layouts, … The list goes on forever. We often pitch Confluence against SharePoint and Office 365. You have to be living under a rock to think that Microsoft's current world can offer a similar content creation experience for text.


JIRA is second to none for issue tracking. Atlassian leads especially in everything around agile and software development processes. Other than with Confluence we do not even get too many comparison requests for JIRA. I think that most of the IT world has already understood it’s strong position in the market.

A lot of customers see these two Atlassian flagship products. Did you know that they work together seamlessly? Did you already integrate your two systems? Do your users know how to use this integration? Do you have more Atlassian products like Bitbucket, Bamboo or HipChat? Are they integrated? Does your software development process exploit the abilities of these tools and their interconnectedness?

Answering all of these questions with “yes” is what Codeyard is about. We analyze your software development process in its current status quo. We help you understand what you can improve. We install configure and connect all the tools that you want to use in your new process. And by the way, this does not necessarily have to be limited to Atlassian software. We work with your teams in workshops and help them transition to a new era of productive software development.

The Codeyard project

This is what Codeyard entails today. If you look at it while planning a project most of you will be interested in our Codeyard package, because they want to improve their software development process and because they already have one or two or more Atlassian tools that they have grown to love. “Codeyard is everything” in this scenario means, that such a project can help you at various different stages in your development process:

  • Want to integrate your management into the process and give them a comprehensive understanding of what is going on in software development right now?
  • Do your engineers want to improve the way they code?
  • Does your complete team want to improve the overall quality and reliability of your software products?
  • Does your sysop team want to become a chatop team?
  • Do you want to improve the deployment process with continuous integration or even continuous deployment?

I will be back with a dedicated blog post about this list as I believe this list can have many more elements and more explanation. To keep it short and simple:

If you are somewhere near software development in your company, Codeyard is likely to be for you.

Your and my Codeyard marketing advantage

As I already mentioned, Codeyard includes all Atlassian products. In the past, my marketing activities for //SEIBERT/MEDIA have mainly been focused on Confluence. We created Linchpin, a Confluence-based Intranet solution. That focus has led to a tremendous overweight of Confluence and related use cases in our communication.

As you may know, we try to make our content useful for our audience. We believe that people are smart and know for themselves when they need professional services and when they want to buy an Atlassian license with us. We will not change this approach to marketing: no paywalls, no hard-selling, no cold-calling, none of the annoying sales stuff.


The change that comes with Codeyard is, that I will now talk about all Atlassian products. No longer a focus on Confluence. Ask me anything about JIRA or the Atlassian developer tools. That is my core business now. That is something that Jens Schumacher and Eric Wittman have been asking me for a long time: “When will you start embracing dev tools as much as Confluence?” Codeyard is what makes me answer “Now it is time.”

I am humbled that every now and then someone sends me a question about Confluence. I am always trying to answer them as detailed as possible. I would love to receive more questions about other products, also. You can mention @mseibert on twitter, send me a facebook message or just drop me a note on my public profile page. For the latter you can even do that anonymously.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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