Confluence 5.7: now full support of data, in-line comments, roadmaps macro, and more

Atlassian has released Confluence version 5.7, which includes a variety of new features. The team collaboration system now fully supports files in any format and offers in-line comments for pages and even attachments. It also comes with the Roadmap macro, which simplifies the HipChat integration. Advanced users now benefit from the Confluence Query Language in the content search.

Full support of files

Confluence 5.7 features upload of files (drag and drop your files to any Confluence page), preview (get powerful previews when adding multiple files at once), review (add comments to attachments without leaving the page), versioning (of new file uploads)


Inline comments

Comments can now be added anywhere in a page and thus are in context. They can also be added to multiple points in an image or a pdf to suggest changes. When highlighting a word, sentence or paragraph, a bubble icon will pop up which will allow you to comment inline. Your teammates can respond directly to your comments. Confluence editor features such as @mentions, likes, and links improve your team collaboration. When all the feedback has been received, the feedback loop can be closed and all contributors will be informed that their feedback has been received or incorporated.



Visualize Roadmaps

The roadmap planner macro allows you to easily create product and team roadmaps to visualize your team's projects.


Easy HipChat integration

HipChat and Confluence can now be integrated in just a couple of minutes by a system admin. Teams can connect their space in Confluence with their own HipChat room and receive push notifications from Confluence, making team collaboration in real-time even smoother.




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