99 Reasons for Scrum: How service providers benefit from Scrum projects

We have discussed the Scrum framework in software development in various of our blogs and in our wiki. The conclusion has always been: it is not an easy task to establish agile methods, however, Scrum is always worth it. In this series of articles, we have collected 99 reasons, why customers, coworkers, and service provider equally benefit from Scrum. In the last two articles, we explored how the customers and how staff benefits from Scrum. The last article lists the benefits of Scrum projects for service providers:

Why service providers benefit from Scrum

  1. Do enterprises increase their efficiency and their results using Scum? 86% say "yes".
  2. Scrum means higher compatibility of IT and business goals.
  3. 100% of business that use Scrum judge this method as very powerful.
  4. Scrum leads to higher productivity in teams.
  5. Two thirds of companies who use Scrum indicate, that Scrum has simplified the development process.
  6. Scrum projects mean less risks - for the customer and the service provider.
  7. 83% of agile businesses indicate a higher customer satisfaction thanks to Scrum.
  8. 84% of agile businesses say that the use outweighs the efforts for introducing Scrum.
  9. Scrum leads to higher discipline in the development team.
  10. Scrum creates more efficient projects and thus billable times instead of bookings of "internal organization".
  11. Scrum allows for transparent team workload and reliable scheduling of capacities and resources.
  12. Scrum increases flexibility. New customer requirements can be integrated, without challenging the project or additional costs.
  13. Full functional teams: Also teams that are not directly involved with the product can be integrated in Scrum.
  14. Inspect & Adapt: The continuous adjustment in the Scrum process is powerful and increases flexibility of the service provider.
  15. Scrum relieves management in daily business.
  16. Scrum does not make the manager obsolete. It just changes his or her tasks.
  17. In Scrum projects decisions are made where there is information.
  18. Scrum leads to motivated employees. Over 90% of businesses that work with Scrum attest to that.
  19. Due to Scrum, employees have a more even workload and are thus more content.
  20. High product quality = proud Scrum team and identification with the result and the company.
  21. Thanks to Scrum, employees continuously evolve and become more valuable for the company.
  22. Scrum creates a cultural and organizational change, which allows the whole organization to benefit.
  23. Scrum techniques are adaptable: 25% of agile corporations use Scrum approaches, even in non IT projects.
  24. Waterfall projects stand for haggle and mistrust from the beginning. Scrum creates transparency.
  25. Annoying chore charts are not part of Scrum projects.
  26. In waterfall projects, in the end, the customer or the service provider end up paying more. Not in Scrum projects.
  27. Scrum means, what was realized, will be paid. No more and no less.
  28. With Scrum there are no more detailed discussions, whether a functionality is additional expense or not.
  29. Thanks to Scrum, expense estimates are realistic and don't need to be completed months before realizing the project.
  30. Scrum projects make happy clients, without arguments about cost and quality after the project.
  31. Scrum is basis for a trusting relationship with the client.
  32. Over 80% of agile enterprises confirm that Scrum is very customer oriented.
  33. Successful projects with great results are signboards for the device provider. Scrum offers the prerequisites.

In essence:

In Scrum projects there are only winners: the customer, the service provider, the staff and the product.

Would you add other arguments? Are you missing arguments? Let us know in a commentary or via twitter @seibertmedia. We are looking forward to your input.

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