99 Reasons for Scrum: How staff benefits from Scrum projects

We have discussed the Scrum framework in software development in various of our blogs and in our wiki. The conclusion has always been: it is not an easy task to establish agile methods, however, Scrum is always worth it. In this series of articles, we have collected 99 reasons, why customers, coworkers, and service provider equally benefit from Scrum. In the last article, we explored how the customers benefit. This article focuses on the benefits of Scrum projects for staff:

Why staff benefits from Scrum

  1. Scrum means motivation through responsibility and organization within the team.
  2. The team itself  is in charge, instead of following strict rules.
  3. The Scrum process forms teams, that join forces - no loners or secrecy.
  4. Scrum allows for evenly distributed work load. There is no overtime prior to a release date.
  5. The team only attempts for each sprint what it can handle, without setting unrealistic goals.
  6. Scrum means less miscommunication. Communication is central: daily standup, review, retrospective…
  7. Scrum means less uncertainty. Current to do's are specified explicitly, otherwise they will not be realized.
  8. Scrum creates transparency for the next tasks. A customer call does not suddenly create havoc.
  9. Scrum stands for higher productivity. That means more development and less bureaucracy. And that's fun.
  10. Thanks to Scrum, developers are never forced to deliver something, that they would not be proud of.
  11. Scrum teams do not deliver unfinished results. To be proud of the quality of your own work is part of Scrum.
  12. It is cool to develop quality software, instead of half finished, unclean solutions.
  13. 72% of Scrum users say, that Scrum has led to higher team morale.
  14. Retrospectives in the Scrum process assure, that the team is on the same page and is working together effectively.
  15. Retrospectives are perceived as useful, interesting, cleansing, and relaxing by many Scrum teams.
  16. Everybody in the Scrum team can voice their opinion and all opinions are equally important.
  17. Scrum means communication at eye level with the customer.
  18. There is a direct exchange between developers and users or customers in Scrum.
  19. Scrum teams take decisions autonomously.
  20. Unrealistic estimates of effort lead to stress. In Scrum, estimates are as realistic as possible.
  21. In Scrum, estimates do not come from above, the team makes the estimates themselves.
  22. In a Scrum team, no manager will suddenly intervene and disturb.
  23. Scrum teams find solutions together and unanimously. There is no decision making by a project manager.
  24. During a Scrum sprint, the team can fully focus on developing - without changes from outside.
  25. It is no longer necessary to realize features that were planned, but have become redundant.
  26. Everyone does everything. Annoying tasks no longer get stuck with one team member.
  27. Modern concepts, such as TDD, Continuous Integration and Pair Programming are fix parts of many Scrum projects.
  28. Scrum allows for change: project times are often shorter than in classical projects.
  29. Scrum is communicative and interactive. Coordination happens in person on the board, not via anonymous electronic systems.
  30. The team continuously reflects their work and collaboration during the Scrum process, to create optimal conditions.
  31. No constant back and forth between to do's. Only few user stories are worked on simultaneously in a Scrum sprint.
  32. Scrum reviews, where results can be presented proudly are moments, which everyone anticipates.
  33. Scrum means more contentment, involvement, and appreciation for staff.

In essence:

In Scrum projects there are only winners: the customer, the service provider, the staff and the product.

The following article will list the benefits of Scrum projects for service providers.

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