Tempo Planner for Jira: Agile capacity and resource scheduling, team and project management, business data for teams

The Jira plugin Tempo Planner offers agile capacity and resource scheduling, team and project management, and business data for teams. It extends the Jira platform by deeper agile planning and management specific features:

  • high-level planning as well as planning on granular level
  • capacity scheduling in agile projects
  • flexible team, project, portfolio, release and roadmap planning
  • strong integration in Jira Agile and Tempo Timesheets
  • adjustable team area
  • real-time evaluation

Let’s have a closer look at the functions in detail.

Create good conditions for teamwork

Efficient product development means  connecting product roadmaps with product teams, in order to understand capacity and resources. One element to implement this, is the new team area of Tempo Planner. It gets everyone on the same side.

  • adjustable team structure including members, roles, areas of responsibility and more
  • assign commitments to team members and access them easily
  • connect projects and agile boards with teams
  • live-updates for a higher transparency and comparison of information


Planning according to specific requirements

Tempo Planner is a mature alternative to long-winded resource planning based on tables and offers the following opportunities:

  • planning and management of teams, projects, releases, epics, stories, tasks and subtasks
  • simulation of “What If” scenarios and real-time calculation of resources
  • quick visualization of team plans and capacities with the help of planner timeline
  • assignment of plans based on the roles and specific task fields of team members
  • visualization of fluctuation in the team and team members with other commitments
  • assignment of recurring planning tasks to avoid failures and mistakes


React to changes

Considering the fact that demands and plans can change often and quickly, Tempo Planner provides you with fast and flexible possibilities of responding:

  • plans can be exchanged quickly between team members
  • change planning, scope and commitments easily
  • separate high-level plans into granular, short-term plans


Integration of plans with Jira Agile

Tempo Planner makes it possible to easily plan releases and sprints:

  • match team capacity with the sprint backlog, and fine-tune if required
  • assign epics and stories to teams and match them with the corresponding plans
  • quick navigation from the Agile Board to the Tempo Planner Timeline


Real-time snapshots for a higher efficiency

Tempo Planner offers quick access to performance key figures and is therefore an ideal basis to increase the efficiency of teams and projects:

  • access to team capacity with the help of the capacity report - based on daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly plans
  • estimate the progress of team and project and identify bottlenecks in real-time
  • ensure that teams are not over- or underloaded
  • find hours of availability for future work of team members
  • track the team size over time


Improve business performance with Tempo Timesheets

Tempo Planner integrates with Tempo Timesheets to allow an agile time tracking as well as a deep resource planning, project management and BI resources in Jira:

  • time tracking for planned epics, releases, stories, tasks and subtasks to calculate salary or write bills
  • generate time sheets and reports on user, project, report and process level to visualize and account the recorded and proposed times
  • visualize the time worked throughout the enterprise with user gadget
  • integration with external billing systems for expense processing



Tempo Planner is a very interesting product on the market, that is worth an in-depth look. With its intuitive user interface, the plugin leads to increased planning visibility and thus results in higher transparency and efficiency.


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