License Atlassian Products with //SEIBERT/MEDIA: These are your benefits.

We are a close partner of the Australian software manufacturer Atlassian. We offer you the opportunity to license your Atlassian Products with //SEIBERT/MEDIA: You buy with the official distribution partner, obtain an overall use license including Atlassian-Support and free update authorization. Licensing with //SEIBERT/MEDIA has a range of advantages for you.

Licensing with the Atlassian Platinum Expert

//SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the biggest Atlassian distribution partners worldwide. We cooperate with the software manufacturer at eye level and have been nominated as “Fastest Growing Partner ” in Europe in 2011.

Our expertise regarding Atlassian products is underlined by the fact that we bear the title “Official Atlassian Platinum Expert” and thus are a approved specialist regarding the entire Atlassian product portfolio.

Start with professional support

The first use of an Atlassian product can sometimes be a challenge. The bonus in kind offers you the opportunity to access professional support during your integration phase of Atlassian products without additional costs. Experience has shown that this is especially useful for the preparation, configuration and the first steps with the software.

When buying Enterprise licenses and/or licenses for multiple products and plugins with //SEIBERT/MEDIA, the volume of your bonus in kind is quickly situated in a 4-digit area. This is sufficient for professional workshops or structured user training including certification. Even if you license smaller instances, in most cases your credit is sufficient for individual desktop sharing sessions or detailed consulting phone calls with our experts.

Personal support instead of email support

The support of Atlassian is well-known for its rapid and competent assistance. However, the communication is done primarily via e-mail or on a public JIRA instance. You have to describe and reproduce errors and problems on your own with high effort to get assistance.

The //SEIBERT/MEDIA Support on the contrary takes place directly with the customers. In close customer relationships we are usually granted access to the relevant instances: In case of an error, our experts connect to your application together with you (e.g. within a cost-effective desktop sharing session). This allows us to work directly within your system and helps us to identify the reason for problems and to correct errors immediately. We call this hands-on support.

Higher priority of inquires

In case of really important queries we are able to escalate with significantly more emphasis and a higher impact. As many of our consultants, developers and administrators are recognised Atlassian-Experts, we don’t have to inquire with Atlassian but are in the position to pay more attention to every single escalation.

Personal contact to all Atlassian counterparts

We know all relevant counterparts for all Atlassian products in person, are able to contact them individually and get a quick response. And “all relevant counterparts” means “all relevant counterparts” not just two people of the partner program department.

And there are many other advantages to purchasing licenses through //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

How Atlassian sees the collaboration with //SEIBERT/MEDIA, is shown in these short video statements:


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Most likely, thanks to our contacts, your request reaches the right contact person more effectively and even faster then through a direct support request or the detour using a public JIRA instance, that is offered to customers by Atlassian within the framework of product development.

Don’t be surprised by upcoming license renewals

We inform you proactively and with enough notice, if your current license is expiring. That way you have sufficient time to arrange the budget release without being surprised.

Valuable information all around Atlassian software

You will regularly receive our latest newsletter, which is especially interesting for users of Atlassian products. We inform you early on about the latest software versions, early access programs for new releases, security advice, tips and tricks and much more content that is relevant for Atlassian customers. (You can cancel the subscription of the newsletter at any time)

Furthermore we inform you in via mailings about additional high quality and free resources and professional content of the licensed product. For most customers, this is very helpful. (You can cancel the subscription of the mailings at any time)

Purchase on account

You don’t have to order your licenses online by credit card, but you will receive an invoice that you just pay within the term of payment after verification of your user licenses.

Conclusion: Only advantages

The acquisition of Atlassian licenses from //SEIBERT/MEDIA is more attractive to you then a direct purchase from Atlassian and has only advantages to offer. There is no catch: You pay exactly the same fees as with Atlassian, have the same rights and possibilities as with a direct purchase and benefit from additional resources, rapid responses regarding special challenges, the established process of invoicing as well as important and helpful information that will come to you for free.

Why is //SEIBERT/MEDIA doing this?

We are not earning money with the sale of software licenses, but with individual, professional high quality services. We see our discount model as a chance to get in contact with you beyond pure license sales and to understand what services you might need.

We wish to make it as simple as possible for you to get to know us and evaluate our capability. Many of our partnerships with customers are based on a long-term mutual trust.

However, this does not oblige you to anything: If you decide to refuse a request for cooperation after using the bonus in kind, we have bad luck. We accept that and do not beg or spam you with marketing material.

Our offer does not involve an obligation to take the bonus in kind. You don’t have to order services using your bonus in kind and even more you don’t have to use fee-based services. You can just allow the bonus in kind to lapse. There are no disadvantages with relation to your licenses. (However a payout of your bonus in kind is not possible).

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