New version of for Confluence: Custom Libraries, Universal Search and Visio Import is a mature add-on that extends Confluence with powerful diagramming functionality. You can create all types of professional diagrams with in its intuitive and responsive editor which is directly integrated into Confluence pages: flow charts, network diagrams, organization charts, UML diagrams, mind maps and many more. It is the most feature-rich add-on of its kind. The new version of is provided by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and is available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Custom libraries for Confluence 5.0 now allows you to create and open custom libraries — this was one of the most requested features. This allows users to create and use their own custom templates. main menu main menu custom library custom library

Uploaded custom libraries are displayed in the left panel, just as all other libraries are displayed. These templates can be used just like native objects, dragged and dropped into the workspace. Custom libraries can be edited and expanded at any time as required. custom library in Library panel custom library in the Library panel

Universal search

There is now a central location from which you can search all available icons within The universal search is accessible at all times from within the editor. universal search universal search

Visio import has had a Visio import function for some time, but now it has been improved and optimized: the new version has radically improved the vdx file import and supports vddx file import for the first time. Visio import Visio import

Your partner for

If you want to learn more, you can test for free and without obligation in a Confluence or JIRA environment. JGraph and //SEIBERT/MEDIA have partnered to offer you the best technology and individual consultation and licensing from a single source. We are happy to assist you in the evaluation, licensing and adoption of — please talk to us!

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JGraph und //SEIBERT/MEDIA are partners

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