Importance of the Intranet Name

Your company's values, mission and reputation are all wrapped up into a concept known as a brand. The company's brand is its identity and can be so powerful that consumers can develop a ferocious loyalty to them. Individuals may even associate their own identities with brands if they feel that the brand's products allow them to express themselves as individuals.

The power of brands can also be seen in our common speech. Do you copy a document or xerox it? Do you search for something on the internet or google it? Do you use a tissue or a kleenex? The noun and verbification of brands is proof of their impact on our lives. This dynamic is not confined to one country, industry or language but can be readily observed across the globe.

What's in a Name Anyway?

Everything. The name of your corporate intranet should be aligned with the spirit of your brand. Every component of the organization should contribute to and amplify the overall aura of the brand. All of the pieces should fit together. A brand-appropriate intranet name also radiates the soul of the organization in a subtle way to the intranet's users.

The intranet is the virtual office. This trend will continue as more organizations transition to remote configurations. This means that more employees will telepresently spend their days with their coworkers in this virtual space. Making the intranet a sensible, effective and comfortable work area promotes productivity and will continue to be of high importance.

What are some considerations when choosing a name for your intranet? Deciding on a good name is easier said than done. Below are some concepts to consider when choosing a name. The sky is the limit for creating an effective name and the following is by no means an exhaustive list.

A Name that Embodies Company Values

A company's values define its identity and guide its actions. Values serve as a compass for navigating the obstacles of life and drive the decisions we make. It therefore makes sense for an organization to have a brand that reflects those values. With a name that reflects company values, users logging into the intranet will be reminded of their organization's purpose.

An Intranet Mascot

Good mascots are unique, endearing and easily recognizable. A well designed mascot creates an association between its image and the organization. A potential intranet naming option is to create a mascot to serve as the intranet's spokesperson or ambassador. This mascot should have some relation to the nature of the business. 

A Known Landmark

Many places around the world are homes to unique landmarks. One doesn't have to think hard in order to come up with a sizable list of some of the world's most famous sites. Small towns also have unique landmarks that are important to their history. Inspiration can be taken from these features to create a name that is a homage to their prominence.

Linguistic Considerations and Cultural Awareness

Your intranet name should be easy to say, spell and remember. If the organization has offices abroad, the name should be easy to pronounce and spell in that office's operating language. You should also be aware of any unexpected meanings the name may have in the languages of overseas offices or clients. 

The Test of Time

Fads come and go. The popular rave that occupies the imagination one year may be completely forgotten in the next. People and things cycle through their allocated 15 minutes of fame with predictable regularity. Your company's intranet name should avoid capitalizing on the moment's zeitgeist and instead focus on a name that has staying power.

Matching with Colors, Fonts and Logos

Your brand's color theme, text font and graphic logos should all be taken into consideration when choosing your intranet name. You are going to want them all to make sense both independently and when viewed in relation to one another as part of a total style atmosphere. Requesting comments from the user base on how the name fits with the company's brand is a useful way to obtain a broad spectrum of opinions and to socially vet your choices.

User Ownership

A naming contest could be conducted in order to tap the large creative idea pool of the entire workforce. Once a list of final name candidates has been generated, a vote should be conducted to determine the winner. This is a fun and inclusive way to get future intranet users involved in the naming process. Having a mechanism where the future users' voices are heard also fosters a sense of ownership. Fun, creative and inclusive processes also help drive adoption.


Names encapsulate identity and identity is the sum of our experiences, preferences and intentions. Naming your company's intranet should not be given a mere passing thought. An effective name amplifies the organization's message and fosters user adoption.

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