Google Protects Customers from Copyright Claims for AI-generated Content

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The potential of artificial intelligence in organizations

Despite being in its early stages, new AI technologies are already unlocking incredible possibilities for companies. The synergy between artificial intelligence and machine learning can take over many standard tasks, massively relieve teams of repetitive activities, and dramatically enhance organizational efficiency.

As a result, numerous teams are enthusiastically embracing these new possibilities and testing them out in various domains, including development, internal organization, internal and external communication, customer support, and marketing.

AI-Generated Content and Copyright - Good News for Workspace Customers

However, there is a real risk of overenthusiastically embracing AI technologies without thoroughly understanding the implications. AI is largely uncharted territory on many levels - and the consequences of its use sometimes remain unclear and, in some cases, yet to be fully negotiated.

Consider the legal aspects, for instance. What happens when companies use AI-generated images and texts in public communication? One thing is clear: when a company violates copyrights with AI-generated content, it can be very unpleasant and lead to significant financial costs. So should teams reconsider and exercise caution when using AI in uncertain situations?

Google provides a solution for customers of the Office and social collaboration suite Google Workspace, offering a way out of this dilemma.

Google Takes Responsibility for Copyright Infringements

Recently, Google announced in its official cloud blog that it will protect cloud and workspace customers from copyright claims by third parties, specifically those based on AI-generated content. In the event that AI-generated content infringes upon the intellectual property of third parties, leading to copyright claims, Google intends to compensate the respective customers. (See the article Shared fate: Protecting customers with generative AI indemnification).

The assurance covers content generated with the following solutions:

  • Duet AI in Google Workspace
  • Duet AI in Google Cloud
  • Vertex AI Search
  • Vertex AI Conversation
  • Vertex AI Text Embedding API / Multimodal Embeddings
  • Visual Captioning / Visual Q&A in Vertex AI
  • Codey-APIs

This support offer is subject to the condition that customers adhere to Google's guidelines on AI usage and exercise due diligence and responsibly in the creation of AI-generated content. Understandably, the protection does not apply if teams intentionally generate or use content that infringes the rights of third parties.

Using AI Confidently for Google Workspace Customers

By committing to assume responsibility for unintentional copyright infringements, Google aims to bolster the confidence of teams, encouraging them to fully leverage the possibilities of the new AI solutions in Google products without having to fear undesirable consequences. After all, modern cloud technologies with AI support can massively drive digital transformation and realize huge potential for savings and efficiency gains.

Do you have questions about the AI functions in Google Workspace and Google Cloud? Would you like to find out more about the possibilities or simply give Duet AI for Google Workspace a try? Our experienced Google team will be happy to advise you on the use cases in your organization and help you implement the AI capabilities that support your use cases and priorities. Get in touch with us: Our team is looking forward to talking to you!

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