New eBook: Build a Sales Hub in Confluence Cloud

“Doing more with less”. If there was ever a mantra for today’s small and mid-sized businesses (SMB’s), that might be it. 

Smaller staff, tighter budgets, competing with the “big guys” for business. Now add to that a global pandemic and we come to understand just how difficult it can be for these businesses to not just survive but thrive. It seems almost every aspect of our business environment - documentation, meetings and interactions, internal and external communications - has been transformed or accelerated towards a digital frontier.

These businesses need their existing tools to be able to move beyond and extend original functionality. A great example of this would be Atlassian’s Confluence Cloud. We know it as a superb platform for wikis, documentation, and just about any collaborative project under the sun. However, were you also aware that with a little assistance, you can extend Confluence Cloud’s core competencies? You can even develop your own integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool! This can be done with the Blueprint Creator macros Property Group and Property Group Report.

We demonstrate the process with a guide laying out how you can design your own CRM right within Confluence Cloud. Now there are a number of steps involved, but they’re not complicated. They're just a bit longer than we could fit within a blog post. It simply requires a user with admin rights on your Confluence Cloud instance to install the Blueprint macros. We feel confident anyone on your staff can follow along and design the CRM specific to your needs.

With everything in place and you ready to dive in, the eBook provides background information on just exactly what a property group is, how they work, and how to customize to meet your needs. After discussing the types of fields available, you’ll be guided through creating fields for things like contact name, job title, email address, etc. Again, it’s completely up to you what fields you’d like to include. Let those creative juices flow! 

Once you’ve entered all your data, will you have to look through all those pages, searching for the client or company you want, each time you need a specific piece of information? What if there was a way to list those pages of information and those key pieces of information you entered? Luckily there is - Property Group Reports - and you’ll learn how to create these as well!

Curious to find out how? The folks at Seibert Media have put together a free eBook, “Build A Sales Hub In Confluence Cloud”, that walks you through the process, step by step. Grab it today and get started on building your own CRM solution right within Confluence Cloud!

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Want to know more about the Blueprint Creator for Confluence? How about a no-obligation trial? Check out the Blueprint Creator on the Atlassian Marketplace, or contact us now to see how Blueprint Creator can work for your teams and Confluence spaces!

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