Custom User Profile for Confluence Now Integrates Skype for Business

The Custom User Profile app by //SEIBERT/MEDIA (now called  Linchpin User Profiles) lets you expand the content in Confluence user profiles, both visually and technically. Our development team has released Custom User Profile version 2.2, which now supports the long-awaited integration of messenger applications.

Skype for Business Integration

You can start communicating via Skype for Business directly from a Confluence user profile. Users' Messenger ID profile fields are linked with the Skype for Business account and Skype will open with a simple click on their Messenger ID.

When configuring the messenger, you only need to enter information about the protocol type and the Skype host. The host is set company-wide in the Custom User Profile app configuration so that a user must simply enter their Skype ID in the profile field. Alternatively, this can be loaded via LDAP. Users can also enter a custom link (call to action), which is different from the user's messenger ID.

The SIP protocol used by Skype is the second supported protocol after XMPP. We plan to support additional protocols, for example, to integrate HipChat and other applications.

Custom User Profile - Skype configuration

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • You can click on links when you hover over the help text.
  • SSL support can now be used when connecting with separate LDAP servers.
  • Fixed an error when viewing profile images.
  • Fixed another error which occurred while using the contact macro in the sidebar or on a page.
  • https:// links are now resolved correctly.

Final notes

Thanks to this new feature, Custom User Profile makes collaboration even faster and easier. With the integration of Skype for Business, Confluence has become a more important tool in your company, and is now the central point for communication.

You can now test Custom User Profile: The latest version of the app is available now on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Custom User Profile is now called Linchpin User Profiles and is also an integral part of our Confluence-based social intranet suite Linchpin.

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