Comparing Office 365 and G Suite – Microsoft Excel vs. Google Sheets

The importance of considering gray areas
Microsoft Excel vs Google GSuite Sheets

When we talk to existing and prospective customers about Google G Suite and modern office software in the cloud,  sooner or later this question crops up: Where can I find a comparison of Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365?

Our team has been working on an answer to this question for a while now and exploring several different approaches. Would a detailed comparison table be helpful for our customers? Would it provide them with the kind of analysis they're looking for?

Feature overviews that simply present one option alongside the other tend to focus more on quantity. For the most part, they simply demonstrate which features are included and not much else – and those little ticks don't say much at all about the quality. Checklist-style overviews like this are certainly valid as a rough guide, but they only show things in black and white, forgetting the many gray tones that come to light when applications are put into practice. But it is precisely these gray areas that any evaluation team should consider, as users in the enterprises are sure to stumble upon them sooner rather than later.

This is the reason why we have gone for a different approach: a video in which we actually use the various features for people to see. This may be more complicated in its production and require a little more time from our customers, but it certainly provides greater substance. And that's fine because the question of which software hundreds or thousands of employees should be using day in day out for the coming years is quite a significant one.

In this video series, we work directly with the solutions themselves and use each of the features live on screen. Last time, we took a look at the language settings, the calendar, and Microsoft Teams for video meetings. We're now focusing on one of the most important use cases –spreadsheets. Here is our comparison of Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

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