Cyber Security in the Cloud and the Advantages over Legacy Systems

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In IT departments around the world, the topic of Cyber Security is very high on the list of priorities, and that's for good reason. When worse comes to worst, digital threats can affect the ability to complete work safely and securely throughout an entire organization.

Meanwhile, more and more companies are outsourcing key security responsibilities to Cloud providers, as platforms such as Atlassian Cloud offer reliable, scalable, cyber security solutions. Additionally, the pandemic-related shift towards more remote and hybrid work environments has lured companies to the Cloud in droves. And with it, the cyber security approach has also changed.

The problems with legacy data storage in companies

Successful companies know how they can stay ahead of their competition and remain competitive. But it’s a common mistake to invest primarily in employee growth, research and development or acquisitions, at the neglect of IT security and maintenance.

After years or even decades of neglecting legacy systems, these organisations are exposing themselves to security risks and unnecessary challenges. These include, but are not limited to, the following problems:

  • It's often not possible to quickly get access to the data.
  • Data are possibly outdated or innaccurate due to infrequent updates.
  • Not enough resources are directed toward data warehouses and their maintenance.
  • There are no native predictive analytics features that are supported by AI.
  • The systems are not flexible enough to maintain and analyse data quickly and according to daily requirements.
  • There is no way to classify or control encrypted traffic, which increases the risk of data being spied on or misused.

Cyber security benefits from a Cloud-first approach

Mature Cloud solutions offer companies invaluable performance and scalability benefits. At the same time, they support distributed teams working across multiple locations or in home offices. With enterprise-level providers, data is protected with Cloud storage, disaster recovery, backups, and zero-trust protocols. These mechanisms form multiple layers of protection to fend off malware infestation, data loss, and exploited vulnerabilities.

Modern Cloud software solves the security challenges of legacy systems:

  • Outsourcing cyber security to a Cloud provider like Atlassian can reduce IT overhead by up to 40 percent while supporting scaling to meet demand.
  • Security features in the Cloud offer better protection, as malicious actors have limited time to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • For Cloud solutions, there is professional support (depending on the pricing) and numerous integrations available.
  • Cloud solutions alllow organisations to adapt more quickly to changes in compliance regulations.
  • The layers of security in Cloud infrastructure enable organisations to more quickly adapt to the needs of end users and modify business models as needed, rather than being hampered by the limitations of legacy technologies.

All told, the Cloud offers numerous advantages that increase the security of data and applications. With appropriate safeguards in place, organisations can ensure that users can only access the data that is relevant to their current projects or use cases. Organisations are better prepared to keep up with ever-changing compliance rules and external regulations. Additionally, documentation processes can be largely automated.

It's time to leave the old legacy systems behind

For legacy systems, cyber security is often closely linked to massive hardware upgrades in order to accommodate new technologies and business requirements. And if the hardware updates have not been consistently and carefully planned and coordinated over the years, the resulting legacy solution could be full of gaps and incompatibilities. This opens the company up for numerous potential security breaches.

Upgrading legacy systems with additional hardware to improve performance is not only costly, but also often quite complex making it impractical for all but the largest and sophisticated organizations. By outsourcing cybersecurity responsibilities to Atlassian Cloud, organisations avoid gaps in coverage, save time and money, and free up their IT teams, who now have more capacity for larger projects.

Take off into the Cloud!

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