Seibert Media and KEGON Embark on a Journey Together

How is it possible to grow and scale as an agile company without giving up your own values and identity? This issue presents opportunities and challenges in equal measure. Our answer at Seibert Media is the further development to a networking organization. And a key element of this evolution is the close cooperation with innovative partners, who, through their expertise, provide new momentum and meaningfully expand our service portfolio.

This time, we initiated the next step in our transformation: Since July 7, 2022, Seibert Media holds a 30% stake in the management consultancy company KEGON in Wiesbaden.

Common location, common tradition, common goals

KEGON and Seibert Media are linked by many things that they have in common. Both companies are based in Wiesbaden, the capital of the German state of Hesse, and are committed to the location. Both KEGON and Seibert Media have been around for over two decades in a complex, fast-moving market and keep managing to reinvent themselves.

Both organizations also share the same Agile values of ownership and self-organization and are aiming for the same goal - one by sharing knowledge, the other by providing software: helping customers get dynamically robust, be more agile and collaborate better.

In the past few years, Seibert Media and KEGON have been in contact numerous times, for example in the context of the Tools4AgileTeams conference, in joint marketing activities, in employee training courses, or in the course of the cooperative development of our product Agile Hive - SAFe in Jira. What could be more obvious than to join forces and pursue common paths from now on?

Seibert Media and KEGON Embark on a Journey Together

Employees of KEGON and Seibert Media toast together.

A successful collaboration - taken to an even higher level

Since its founding in 2002, KEGON AG has advanced to become one of the most important European consulting companies in the field of scaled agility, offering strategic management consulting, Agile coaching, and training. In addition to numerous DAX companies, SMEs, and hidden champions from various industries, KEGON's customers now include more than 14,000 satisfied training participants.

Martin Seibert, founder and managing director of Seibert Media GmbH, rates the new partnership as follows:

"KEGON is one of the most renowned consulting firms on the subject of scaled agility and, like us, has firmly anchored agility in its corporate culture. We have been working together in partnership for many years, including the development of the Agile Hive - SAFe software product in Jira. We are now taking our collaboration to an even higher level."

Dr. Yvonne Görlitz from the KEGON board also sees the cooperation as a win-win situation for all sides:

"In order to implement an agile transformation in a target-oriented manner, it is necessary to have the support of pragmatic and reliable software tools, especially in larger corporate contexts. We are glad that we can rely on Seibert Media's expertise in this area. The fact that we are now working together even more closely has a positive effect on the quality of the service provided by both companies, but also on Wiesbaden as a location for the future."

Seibert Media and KEGON, that means: Agile transformation from a single source with processes, culture and tools in close partnership. We are looking forward to the road ahead! 😀

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