Prerequisites for Agility – What Does your Company Need Before Going Agile?

The agile revolution will never be over. Teams are going to continue to try and introduce agility, with varying success. Whether it’s large enterprise organizations or small startups, the lean agile approach is a proven key to success in the ever-changing global economy.

If you and your team are not agile by now, it’s likely you struggled to make it through COVID. Whether it was layoffs, lack of revenue, or budget cuts, companies all around the world felt the effects of the global pandemic. This isn’t to say everyone who isn’t agile went out of business. Rather, the organizations that felt the effects of the global pandemic the most were the ones that weren’t agile.

Business agility has become a requirement in order to merely exist in a world of fast-paced, innovative startups. No matter your employee count, industry, or revenue numbers, being able to pivot, adapt, and reposition yourself in the marketplace will lead to happier stakeholders and hopefully, happier customers.

But how do we get to this “agile” state? What are the things we can do now, as business leaders, without any agile background? And what are the important prerequisites needed in order to become “agile”?

We had the pleasure of listening to Wolfgang Hilpert discuss the prerequisites for agility at our Tools4AgileTeams conference last year. Wolfgang is an agile expert with over 25 years of experience leading product and technology organizations. He has experience ranging from fast-moving startups to executive leadership at some of the world’s largest companies including IBM, Microsoft, and SAP. In his most recent role, he is leading the agile transformation at HERE Technologies, as VP of Business Agility. Wolfgang takes his agile passion personally, as he continues to try to improve his agility in his personal life while helping individuals and organizations benefit from his experience.

Watch the video below (English subtitles available for the intro) to get all the requirements before you start your agile transformation. Pay close attention to what Wolfgang mentions as some of the biggest risks. This video could save you and your organization unnecessary costs during your agile journey.


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