Linchpin Review by René Vlak of SOMO

The Center for Research on Multinational Corporations, or SOMO, conducts research concerning the influence and practices of multinational corporations from their office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. SOMO's corporate intranet, called SOMO Community, consists of Atlassian Confluence, the Refined Theme and the Linchpin Intranet Suite. SOMO Community was launched in January 2020. René Vlak, who is the company's Web Coordinator, shares his review notes on the several advantages offered by Linchpin in the video below and describes how they make user workflow easier.


SOMO Community users note the advantages of Linchpin Enterprise News, namely that the news looks more attractive now and can even be personalized. For example, different news feeds can be utilized. SOMO leadership no longer needs to send internal newsletters as users are notified when a new article is released. This feature has been credited as a real time-saver in day-to-day work.


The Linchpin Microblog has been a major driver of user adoption of the SOMO Community intranet. The Microblog's familiar functionality makes it easier to streamline conversations. Users now share various updates via the Microblog instead of email. Email volume has been accordingly reduced. SOMO Community users also make use of different blog channels for work and social topics. 

Team Spaces

Each team has its own space within the intranet. Users have even begun populating their team space before receiving formal training. Each team space has its own news section and microblog to ensure optimal teamwork.

People Directory and Profile Pages

SOMO Community makes use of the People Directory and detailed user profiles. The People Directory acts as an expert finder and makes it easy to find coworkers with specific skills, such as spoken languages. Users can also list their hobbies and contact information in their profiles which ensures that the social component isn’t lost during work


From email reduction to finding a needed teammate in a flash, the advantages offered by Linchpin take friction out of the day. You can watch SOMO's video review of Linchpin or even try it out for yourself!


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