Webinar: Content Marketing Made Easier with Atlassian Confluence

"Content is king!"

Content marketing is the art of addressing a specific target group (or target groups) with content via different channels, in such a way that they are convinced by the products or brands of the corresponding company. Whether it is information, advice or entertainment - the content is designed to offer added value for potential customers and thus create a positive perception of the sender. 

Content marketing - not new, but still good

Content marketing is by no means a new invention: Although John Deere probably didn’t foresee the hold that it would have on us now in the 21st Century. Thousands of companies rely on content marketing to turn people into "fans" of their products. But, what initially sounds as simple as it is logical, turns out not to be so easy to implement in practice! Even if you dream of a "content marketing machine" that "produces" valuable, target group-specific content in impressive quantities - there are many pitfalls to avoid on the way there.

Collaboration and processes that help

When you think about content marketing, you probably picture a well-oiled machine that takes you from planning to campaign execution with smoothly running processes in the background. But what does it take to keep that machine running? A solid strategy needs to be put in place, along with a consistent publication plan and follow-up to analyze your data. You may be bubbling over with ideas, but you and your team must give these ideas a framework to build a dedicated audience who keeps wanting more.

In our quest for strategy and planning, we often forget that great tooling can make or break any process. Which tools can you use to launch a successful content marketing strategy? One of them is Confluence from Atlassian. This program helps teams collaborate, manage their data and projects, and share knowledge. Marketing teams can build and expand campaigns or plan new projects. Plus you can create pages, utilize macros, and collaborate with one another. Is that all? Not by a long shot, Confluence can do even more: You can set up efficient content marketing processes - for results that convince your target audience. 

Content marketing - but the right way

Do you want to see how this all works? Find out for yourself and join our webinar “Content Marketing Confluence,” which will take place on July 27. The event is hosted by Actonic and in cooperation with Seibert Media. Viktoria Kvindt, Marketing Manager at Actonic, and David Hanke, Marketing Manager at Seibert Media, will show you how Confluence supports you and your marketing team in your daily content marketing activities and their challenges.  

Follow in the successful footsteps of John Deere and learn about helpful Confluence apps, Blueprint Creator, and discover new ways on how to market content really well! 

Secure your spot now for the webinar on July 27, 2021, 4:00 p.m.

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Want to know more about the Blueprint Creator for Confluence? How about a no-obligation trial? Check out the Blueprint Creator on the Atlassian Marketplace, or contact us now to see how Blueprint Creator can work for your teams and Confluence spaces!

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