Atlassian Opsgenie: Introduction, use cases and functions

An integrated command center for incident management

Opsgenie is an alerting and incident management system whose main task is to inform the right people within the shortest possible time in the event of a error and to initiate a coordinated, rapid solution to the problem. So the tool takes over where the "reach" of Atlassian's core product line stops - in the actual operation of a software application.

A while ago now, Atlassian purchased Opsgenie. It is therefore only natural that this tool is a mature, high-quality solution. Opsgenie is aimed at companies for whom uptime is important and helps to systematically escalate incidents and initiate an efficient response.

With over 200 integrations connected to Opsgenie and to monitoring, ticketing and other systems as sources of information, it becomes a command center for incident management providing transparency for the entire team (including its stakeholders) as they resolve problems.

These are the central features of Opsgenie:

Planning and preparedness for incidents

  • Define responsibilities and contact persons in case of an emergency.
  • Use templates for notifications and communication channels to agents and stakeholders.
  • Define collaboration methods including video calls and chat channels.
  • Review the internal status page for transparent communication to stakeholders.

Escalation and response in the event of an incident

  • On-call planning is supported for multiple teams.
  • Alarm notification are forwarded to the right people.
  • Agents are notified via various channels.
  • Automated escalation occurs until the problem is resolved.

Transparency beyond incident management

  • Comprehensive postmortem analyses ensure systematic follow-up and avoidance of incidents in the future.
  • All response activities are tracked.
  • Balance and distribute standby times appropriately.
  • Analyze the frequency and source of alarms at all times.

We are your experienced Atlassian partner

Do you want to learn more about Atlassian Opsgenie? Would you like to see how you can best set up a structured alerting system for specific applications in your company? Contact us - we'd love to help! We are an Atlassian Platinum Partner and would be happy to answer questions about and support you as you implement systematic incident management in your organization with Atlassian Opsgenie.

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