Straightforward onboarding of new employees in Confluence with Courses and Quizzes – LMS app

New people bring fresh air to a team – with their novel ideas, individual experiences and unique set of skills. We hope they will measure up to our expectations by giving one hundred and ten percent at their new job and delivering outstanding results.

The first few weeks at a new workplace is the time when a new hire explores new waters – learns about a project, their role and tasks, how things work, and meets new colleagues. Onboarding is an exciting and challenging period that demands a lot of focus and learning.

It is also a window of opportunity to maximize future productivity. The better understanding of processes, job expectations and dos and don'ts a person gets early on, and the sooner they fill the gaps in knowledge and skills required for a job; the greater the outcomes and the shorter time-to-high-performance will be. So, a thorough, insightful and engaging onboarding process greatly contributes to setting new employees up for success.

Confluence is where teams work on their projects, share and review content, and store knowledge assets. Have you ever thought of using Confluence for onboarding as well? Well, this is possible. You can use Confluence’s native features to set this up or extend your system with the Courses and Quizzes - LMS app to create a potent onboarding process by using its courses.

Create an onboarding course

Onboarding can be easier, better organized and fun when you use courses:

  • You can create onboarding courses tailored for each job role and reuse them time and again.
  • A new hire becomes more independent following this process – moving at their own speed, not waiting for others to make time to tell them things, plus they are able to go back and review what they have learnt.
  • Videos, slides and images included in a course make onboarding more illustrative and appealing.

Courses and Quizzes - LMS lets you create and manage courses in Confluence with no fuss.

Using modules, you can easily create structured content for reading and learning, as well as add quizzes to check the level of understanding. What's great is that it is possible to include assets that you already have in Confluence – e.g. a page with best practices, a related blog post, policies, a workflow description. Just add a page with that content as a module and a new hire will benefit from the valuable knowledge that your team had already shared.

Modules with videos, images, diagrams, slides, PDF files and nicely formatted text will make onboarding captivating and help new hires digest massive amounts of information more easily.

Enroll newcomers

With onboarding courses set up for each job role, you have everything ready to welcome a new person and walk them through all the needed aspects of their job and work life. You just need to enroll the newbie to a related course or add a course to the Learning page (learning hub) and direct the employee there.

Easy-to-follow onboarding

After enrollment, a new hire will get a notification with their unique course link. Going through all the information you prepared, they can seamlessly move from one section to another, revisit previous modules to better absorb the information and ideas explained within it, leave and come back to the same module at any time.

Track progress and results

Managers and team leads can monitor where each new hire is in their onboarding process and how much time they spent on each course. Additionally, reports allow you to see quiz results and answers given by each person, which lets you check where they had mistakes so you can pay some extra attention to those issues later on.

Make an amazing onboarding process in Confluence

Why not rethink your onboarding process and take advantage of having it in Confluence – the same system that a new employee will afterwards work in. After all, it’s the application where you have captured so much knowledge and content which is ideal for orientation and onboarding.

Try the Courses and Quizzes - LMS app for Confluence for free

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Katerina Kolina is a product owner at StiltSoft dealing with a wide range of activities including marketing, project management, and technical writing. She is passionate about everything related to the Courses and Quizzes - LMS app and improving the onboarding process.

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