Linchpin: Onboarding and Assistant features to help you start using your Confluence-based intranet

The Linchpin intranet suite, based on Atlassian Confluence, represents a modern and extensively personalized user experience. However, this kind of personalization requires users to fill out their intranet profiles with all relevant information (e.g. location, language, team memberships, etc.). Our Linchpin development team will soon be releasing two exciting new features that will help you and your team to get new employees on board with the intranet quickly and efficiently.

Linchpin Onboarding

The Linchpin Onboarding feature will help your intranet team to take users that are new to the social intranet by the hand and introduce them to the system, and ultimately the company, in a simple, seamless way. The most important objective here is to get new users to add all of the essential information at the beginning by filling out their entire user profile right away. After all, a complete profile is a key prerequisite for the personalization of news, apps and many other kinds of content and functions in the Linchpin suite. Furthermore, this information makes it easier for all employees to find their colleagues on the intranet and get in contact with them.

You can use the onboarding feature to provide a wizard requiring the user to fill out their profile with the necessary information and add a profile picture. This means that new employees no longer have to actively seek out their profile to add the information required. Instead, they are led through the process of setting up their profile step by step, the first time they log in. You can customize the names of the modules you require and any accompanying text fields that are shown during this onboarding and adapt these to suit your corporate language.

Prompt to upload a profile picture

Activating the onboarding wizard

The onboarding wizard can be activated for both new and existing employees.

Selection of necessary modules

Customization options for the onboarding wizard

We are already planning to add further features to assist employees during their onboarding process. For example, suggestions for new channel subscriptions are in the pipeline, and our development team will work on implementing these and further ideas and use cases in the coming weeks and months.

Linchpin Assistant

The second feature that is coming soon is Linchpin Assistant. You can use this assistant to configure reminders that regularly remind users to fill out certain fields in their profile if they haven't done so already. Here you can create your own text for the notifications as well as customize and select the fields to be filled out. Moreover, you are also able to schedule the reminders, determining how often the notifications should be sent out.

The Linchpin Assistant reminder function

Customizable text entry for notifications

Selection of fields to be filled out

Scheduling reminders

Find out more and test for free

Do you want to find out more about the Linchpin intranet suite? The best thing to do is to take a look at all of the features in a pre-configured, fully functional system: Our free Linchpin demonstration instance is available for testing around the clock so that you can experience how all of its functions come together to create a high-performance, modern social intranet.

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