How a social intranet can change enterprises

Replacing a classic, static intranet with a modern, collaborative social intranet in a large company is not just a technical project but (above all) a 'change' project.

But which aspects change and improve in practice? What does a social intranet mean for the company culture? Each person you speak to within the organization will give you a different opinion on what is particularly important for a social intranet.

Greater transparency for all employees

When it comes to transparency, many enterprises have different groups with different, even opposing objectives. Transparency for all employees is often a key concern for the board. Middle management, on the other hand, often perceives it as a threat and is more likely to strive against more transparency. The closer you then move towards the base, the more transparency is appreciated.

Atlassian Confluence and Linchpin certainly foster greater transparency. Content is open to all intranet users by default. The functions used to enter information and collaborate are straightforward and intuitive. Visibility is an important aspect.

News that really gets through

If the board has something to say, all of a sudden everyone is listening. But they are not the only ones who can speak. Depending on hierarchical structures and accumulated reach, anyone can share content and reach others.

With modern, lean news and microblog concepts, Linchpin has everything you need: fewer approval barriers, faster processes, and modern features (video, images, mentions) – and of course there is a mobile app for unrestricted access (e.g., from home or on the road).

Real collaboration to master complex tasks

An open, accessible and transparent environment encourages us to collaborate on equal terms and work on the things that are actually relevant for the client. Many companies have forgotten how to really serve the customer and their problems on all levels.

Linchpin brings this focus back. Rather than being constantly overwhelmed or perceiving market fluctuations as an ever-growing threat, the company can finally take action and concentrate on operations. Small teams can do remarkable things and don't need to hide behind unnecessary processes and structures.

Safe space for innovation

Collaboration on equal terms is by no means a given in corporations. In fact, it is often impossible. A software program alone won't be able to change that, which is why modern intranets need support from the top level.

At the start, managers with the necessary authority have to create so-called safe spaces, where internal regulations don't count. Ideas and innovation can flourish in such safe spaces and radiate out into the organization. Team members to implements the ideas are always readily available. It is the safe space and software that have been missing.

If it didn't unify teams before, we can question it now

Sometimes organizations have to take a new approach. Linchpin and Confluence are not your typical company intranet. If the managers in IT announce a "Microsoft strategy," then they have to measure themselves against the results Microsoft has produced over the past years and decades.

Documents are dead. They stand in the way of modern collaborative working. They stop teams from being able to face the fast-changing and increasingly complex demands of the market in a practical way, without working themselves into the ground.

It is not enough that Word documents in Office 365 are websites and the version problems have been solved. Word is an outdated concept. The internet and semantic networks such as Wikipedia took its place years ago. Facebook connects people. Google searches through information. Apple and Google develop the mobile technology of today and tomorrow. Microsoft snoozed the whole thing. There is no objective reason to look to Microsoft for the answer to every problem.

Confluence and Linchpin offer perfect integrations for cloud solutions by Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, SAP and all other specialized services used in most companies. Linchpin provides a modern platform that brings together cloud services and provides centralized access.

Those are just a few points that I would offer as an answer. A new, modern intranet brings about changes on many levels and even presupposes certain changes for its success.

Do you have questions? Do you want to talk about your custom requirements for an intranet solution? Are you interested in comparing different systems? Then get in touch with us! Here is a summary of Linchpin features as a PDF to get you started:

Download flyer (PDF, 2,6 MB)

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