Linchpin User Profiles for Confluence (formerly known as Custom User Profiles)

A personalized user experience in Confluence and Linchpin

Custom User Profile is now called Linchpin User Profiles. This product is a key component of the Confluence-based social intranet suite Linchpin and we wanted it to more closely reflect the name change, making it more intuitive for customers to use. Despite the name change, you will feel right at home when using Linchpin User Profiles as it has maintained the function and feel of our previous user profile tool.

Linchpin User Profiles lets users personalize their intranet content by taking the visual and technical enhancements of the native Confluence profiles and customizing what content they see based on unique profile attributes of users and user groups.

This app works closely with other Linchpin components, such as the Enterprise News Bundle (New name: Linchpin Enterprise News), the App Center and the Navigation Menu Editor, in order to provide intranet users with a personalized user experience crafted precisely for the unique individual.

See Linchpin User Profiles in action!

Here's an overview of what features are available and how Linchpin User Profiles can make your Confluence instances a more efficient and effective place to collaborate.


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Would you like to know more about Linchpin User Profiles? Our tutorials provide an overview and examples of valuable and useful ways to apply the software. You can now download and test the latest version of Linchpin User Profiles from the Atlassian Marketplace. If you are interested, perhaps you would like to try Linchpin User Profiles out directly in a Linchpin demonstration instance, where you can see how the extended user profiles form the foundation of a completely interconnected and personalizable intranet system.

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