Personalized landing pages in Confluence: Users start in the space they need

One dashboard for everyone

If a user doesn't go directly to a particular page using a deep link, but simply logs into Confluence or a Confluence-based Linchpin intranet, they automatically land on the homepage of their Confluence instance, the so-called dashboard, after logging in. That's the default behaviour. From here the user has to click their way to their actual destination, for example, to a recently edited document or to their Confluence team space.

This is not efficient when you consider how Confluence is often used - not all employees from different departments, or external users in a Confluence-based extranet should land on the main dashboard. Wouldn't a user want to see the most important information needed for their daily work by default when they log into Confluence?

With the Linchpin Theme Plugin in conjunction with the Linchpin User Profiles app, organizations are taking a big step closer to this goal.

How the Linchpin Theme Plugin and Custom User Profiles apps work together

Let's take a look at the main features of the two apps mentioned above. Linchpin User Profile is used to personalize Confluence. For certain user groups, different content and even different functions can be displayed within Confluence based on their specific user profile attributes (language, department, location, etc.) With the Linchpin Theme Plugin, you can visually customize Confluence and Confluence spaces visually to give them their own customized design without needing to program.

When organizations have already personalized their Confluence instances and are already working with customized and personalized spaces - it's not a big leap to automatically "drop" users into specific spaces to make their daily work more effective and efficient.

Now, you can specify in which space a user will start in the Linchpin Theme Plugin after they log in based on a specific user profile attribute in the Linchpin User Profile app.

Guide users to appropriate Confluence spaces

Users who belong to a certain user group can be automatically forwarded to a specific space. This means that you will not land on the common central Confluence dashboard, but on the space homepage matching their specific user profile attribute - for example, location, department, team, etc.

In the case of an extranet, external users, such as customers or partners, are directed to an appropriate space (if required, to the space specifically assigned to and designed for them). That means you will directly to the information that is relevant, instead of having to click your way through the Confluence instance.

This new level of personalization in Confluence not only provides a more personal and useful user experience, it also improves the speed of finding information and helps users to focus more clearly on their work.

(Incidentally, this personalization functionality works in theory with the native Confluence profiles, but your options are limited due to basic types and number of user profile attributes.)

Did you notice? We've renamed our Custom User Profiles app to be Linchpin User Profiles because it is a core component of our Linchpin social intranet suite. Evaluate Linchpin today with all its features in a fully-functional test instance. Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

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