Microblogging for Confluence: Subscribe to daily digests for selected spaces

We continue to intensively develop our Confluence add-on 'Microblogging for Confluence'. Version 2.3 has just been released, which implemented one particularly helpful feature: Users can now subscribe to a daily digest for selected spaces.

Central microblogs for everything vs. microblogs for single spaces

There is a lot of potential for microblogging in corporations and application cases are diverse. In principal, internal microblogs are a great way to set up digital conversations between employees, to centrally share ideas and request feedback quickly - with all the functions that the users are familiar with from using their own private social media accounts.

Depending on the company's structure, there are two basic options to integrate a microblog into a Confluence system. In a smaller organisation, or in teams where everyone should be informed about everything, it usually makes sense to incorporate the entire timeline into all Confluence spaces.

Floods of information in bigger corporations with many departments, teams and employees can easily become overwhelming, especially if a global, general timeline is employed. Of course it is possible - but it quickly becomes confusing and inefficient: Who can separate relevant from non-relevant information, when hundreds of messages are posted to the microblog every day?

That's why it usually makes sense for such organizations to have one microblog for each space and to limit the timeline display to the respective space: The marketing department has a marketing-microblog in their space, IT has an IT-microblog in their space, etc.

Daily digest: Only subscribe to content that interests me personally

The daily digest - or summary of new microblog content - is very handy. Anyone who wants to stay informed about ongoing discussions and other updates, but is on a business trip or on vacation, or who cannot or simply does not want to access the Confluence-Instance for any other reason, can subscribe to microblogs with just one click. The user then receives one email at a chosen time, with an overview of newly added posts.


With the release of 'Microblogging for Confluence 2.3', the system differentiates between the microblogs you are currently viewing: If a user subscribes to a global microblog that incorporates all spaces, then he subscribes to a complete overview of all spaces. However, if he subscribes to a microblog that is limited to one space, then only microblog-posts for this space are included: The marketing microblog subscription delivers daily summaries of all marketing mails, the IT microblog delivers IT mails, and so forth. If a user subscribes to multiple microblogs from linked spaces, he receives one email with all microblog posts from the spaces he subscribes to.

This is useful, when you want to automatically receive only those microblog-contents that are of interest to you personally and avoid getting flooded with irrelevant posts.

Download and test it free of charge

The latest Microblogging for Confluence version is available to download for free to use with your Confluence Instance in the Atlassian marketplace. You can thoroughly test the plug-in for 30 days, free of charge and without commitment. Do you have questions or suggestions relating to this product? Do you need support with licensing or integration into your system? Just get in touch with us, we are happy to help!

By the way, Microblogging for Confluence is a core component of //SEIBERT/MEDIA's Confluence-based social intranet suite Linchpin.

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