Draw.io for Confluence: New Features for Professional Diagrams

Draw.io is a powerful, professional diagramming-tool available as an add-on for Confluence and JIRA, and as a free online-tool. This post will introduce you to the latest features and show you how to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Gliffy Mass Import

Do you have several Gliffy diagrams in your Confluence instance that need to be converted into native draw.io diagrams? The latest version gives Confluence admins the ability to mass import Gliffy diagrams. Admins can navigate to draw.io's admin screen and click on the 'Diagram Import' tab, where the following information is displayed:



You can quickly see how many indexed pages contain Gliffy diagrams. Once you click 'Import,' the diagrams are converted into draw.io native all at once. (The original Gliffy diagrams will remain in the page-index and continue to be available.)

More Updates

Draw.io is constantly enhanced with new features and options to meet the needs of specific applications and to offer even more flexibility. The following are some of the latest updates in addition to Gliffy mass-import:

  • New selection of connector arrows (see screen shot below)
  • AWS-3D-Objects with configurable colors and edges
  • New isometric objects and connectors in the miscellaneous sidebar (see below animation)
  • Comic-style in the format-panel
  • Titles for individual libraries can be edited
  • New libraries: Checkout & Delivery icons, Icons8 Flat Color, Nucleo Flat Business and more
  • Assistance of Google Drive Connectors for Confluence Cloud draw.io-diagrams
  • Integration of SVG-Objects
  • Adjustable row height in the text-format-panel
  • New options for grid-colors in the extra-menu
  • Layer-option for SVG, pictures and iFrame in the insert-dialogue (see below animation)
Selection of arrow types

Selection of arrow types

New isometric shapes

New isometric shapes

New layer-option when inserting

New layer-option when inserting

Follow draw.io

As mentioned, draw.io will continue to rapidly emerge and evolve. The above features are, by far, not the only additions in the last few months. The development team shares updates through social media. Follow the links below to get the latest information:

Feature Requests

Is there a specific draw.io feature you would like to have in order to improve a certain application? You can tell the draw.io team at any time: The UserVoice platform allows you to submit your request. Or, perhaps, your feature request has already been submitted by someone else. Either way, you'll have the opportunity to comment on existing requests and to vote for other functions Here is a link to the draw.io-portal on UserVoice.

Your Partner for draw.io

Would you like to know more and test draw.io in a Confluence-environment, free of charge, or license the add-on? We offer the best technology and individual consultation. We are happy to help when testing, licensing and customizing, just let us know! You can also visit our special page for draw.io for more information.

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