InstaPrinta 2.0: Now with full Integration in JIRA Agile

In a previous article, we have introduced the InstaPrinta by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and the functions of the JIRA plugin. Our JIRADev team has now released InstaPrinta 2.0 and we would like to dive a bit deeper into the actual features. InstaPrinta is a JIRA plugin for printing issues directly from JIRA and JIRA Agile on handy card format (i.e. DIN A6). Individual and various issues can be sent to the printer and saved as a PDF. In JIRA, issue view and issue search are extended by a menu item, that offers a choice to print or create a PDF.

Use cases

The InstaPrinta is great wherever handy note cards are used to process JIRA issues. It is especially useful in Teams that use Scrum or Kanban with an analogue task board. And these features can also be useful outside agile methods in daily work. For example, colleagues can be reminded of tasks with the note cards.


Overview of the features

  • printing issues directly from JIRA in a handy notecard format
  • download cards as PDF without printing
  • print various templates to use directly on paper boards in Scrum and Kanban teams
  • a template user interface for use of included and user defined templates with
    • support of XSL-FO for creation of individual templates and
    • support of space holders in print templates for standard issue fields and user defined fields
  • Detailed administrative area for configuration of printing functions in the complete JIRA instance:
    • turn on/off with direct print functions
    • group rights for direct printing
    • designation of a standard template for print and PDF creation
  • Options for project specific configuration:
    • availability of direct printing
    • configuration of an individual printer
    • group rights for direct printing
    • configuration of available templates
    • own pre-selected standard template

New in InstaPrinta 2.0

Besides printing individual issues and all results of an issue search, InstaPrinta version 2 also offers a complete integration in JIRA Agile. Now, complete backlogs, sprints or work columns in agile boards. Here are the new functions:

  • JIRA Agile integration: print Sprints, Backlogs and columns in the planning and work view
  • QuickCards: Quickly print fully independent cards
  • Support of all custom and user defined fields in template
  • Template management to upload, overwrite, download and delete InstaPrinta templates


The InstaPrinta is now becoming even more helpful when pulling JIRA issues with team relevant information from the digital to the analogue work environment with a click. The integration with JIRA Agile simplifies and accelerates the preparation of a backlog grooming, an estimation meeting or a sprint planning. You want to test InstaPrinta for JIRA? The plugin is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.



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Overview of //SEIBERT/MEDIA plugins at the Atlassian Marketplace

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