//SEIBERT/MEDIA is an Atlassian Enterprise Expert

We are experts on Atlassian tools in large companies

In the last few months, the Australian software manufacturer Atlassian has established new enterprise concepts for several products, including Confluence, JIRA and Stash, and will continue improving these systems both functionally and to meet the requirements of large companies and groups. The focus of our efforts is on simple scalability and improving the performance of instances in large enterprise environments.


For years, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has worked closely with Atlassian and has the expertise to competently help large and very large companies introduce and operate Atlassian tools. Atlassian acknowledged this by appointing us an official Atlassian Enterprise Expert!

Expert knowledge on fail-safe and scalable large production instances

Atlassian products have great technical specifications for large production instances. Nevertheless, experience and expertise are still required to guarantee fail-safe operation and efficient use and to implement smooth rollouts to many users. If you do not have this expertise in-house, you can find competent support from an Atlassian Enterprise Expert like us.

We are the right partner for your Atlassian products concerning the following:

  • Load and performance tests of your instances
  • Scaling and sizing of your production systems
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Performance tuning
  • Operation on virtual machines
  • Integration of several production systems

We are also a competent point of contact for organizational and strategic questions, especially for large companies. Based on our experience from hundreds of Atlassian projects of different sizes, we would be pleased to consult you on roll-out strategies, steps for activating employees and adapting and personalizing your systems.

Introduce or optimize Atlassian software with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

If you are interested in Atlassian products, //SEIBERT/MEDIA is the right partner. We offer consultation and support in German and can assist you on your Atlassian project with strategy consultation, customization, implementation, systematic optimization and training. There are many advantages to purchasing licenses via //SEIBERT/MEDIA. Feel free to contact us!

You can also visit our information library. There, you will find detailed information about working with //SEIBERT/MEDIA and comprehensive content including specific service descriptions, information on licensing models and costs and concrete budget calculations (e.g. in our JIRA orientation offer or our wiki services overview).

Read this post in German.

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