Scaling Git with Stash Data Center

A beta version of Stash Data Center is available for trial purposes. Once released, Stash Data Center can be purchased with Atlassian premier level customer support, technical account management, or authorized enterprise partners. It will offer the same great value pricing as JIRA Data Center and Confluence Data Center – priced at $24,000 per year, per 1,000 users. To sign up for the Stash Data Center beta or for more information, visit

Stash has always been the fastest and most secure Git repository management tool available, and now, it’s also the most scalable. With clustering built-in, the Data Center deployment option for Stash is designed for massive scale to meet enterprise needs:

  • High availability due to active-active clustering, load balancing, redundancy mechanisms and industry standard technologies for database clustering and shared file systems.
  • Performance at scale. Stash Data Center can handle greater application throughput during periods of sustained or peak demand, so additional users and builds will not affect overall application performance.
  • Best of breed security & workflows. Stash Data Center is the only Git solution that provides true enterprise-grade security and collaborative workflows.

For detailed information see the Atlassian blog post and the Atlassian website.

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