Scaling Agile with SAFe, Agile Hive and Atlassian Jira

Scaled Agile needs a solid software base

The advantages of agile processes at a team level have been proven: Scrum projects can be planned more efficiently, they lead to faster and better results and allow for a more transparent project tracking.  This is why organizations that develop large software solutions and whose projects involve interdisciplinary project teams strive to scale with and benefit from Agile approaches.

Scaling Agile with SAFe

There are several models that can help organizations tackle scaling in an effective and structured way. One of the most well-known and proven approaches is the Scaled Agile Framework: SAFe.  But unlike a scrum team that can fall back on analog methods of work organization such as a physical board or pieces of paper, an enterprise-wide SAFe scaling requires a reliable and stable software base.

Agile Hive: Advanced Atlassian tools as a foundation when scaling

Agile Hive - SAFe solution with Atlassian tools provides companies with that very foundation.  There is not even the need to introduce a new standalone application. Instead, Agile Hive builds on the existing Atlassian infrastructure with Jira and Confluence and uses it as a software platform.

What functionality does Agile Hive add? How are the layers of the Scaled Agile Framework supported? And most importantly: What does the management of SAFe processes within Jira actually look like?

To give you a quick overview of what's possible, we created a short introductory video that will get you the answers to your questions.  In less than three minutes, learn what Agile Hive can do for you.  Learn how you can acquire the necessary software prerequisites to carry out scaling Agile with SAFe, company-wide.

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More Information

SAFe® with Atlassian tools: Get to know Agile Hive now!

Would you like to know more about Agile Hive and the software-supported implementation of SAFe®? We would be happy to discuss your requirements for enterprise-wide agile product development and product management with you. Take a look at the documentation for our Implementation Project to see the overview of what an implementation would entail.

Get in touch with us today and let us demonstrate how it works in a personal session.

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