5 Reasons Why Agile Hive Will Help Your SAFe Rollout in Atlassian Jira

You and your colleagues have decided; it’s time to embrace the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) within your Jira environment. That was the easy part. Now comes the planning, development, and implementation. But what exactly does it take to carry out a SAFe rollout in Jira?

Some may say this is the opportunity to pursue a “blank slate.” “Let’s start from scratch, new foundation, new processes, new thinking”! However, this approach negates embracing what’s worked to this point with your teams in an Agile environment. In the 2019 white paper - “Implementing Large-Scale Agile Frameworks: Challenges and Recommendations”- co-authored by Kieran Conboy and Noel Carroll, nine challenges were identified with implementing large-scale Agile developments. A critical takeaway, regardless of which Agile at scale method was chosen:  

“When a formal framework such as SAFe, Scrum at Scale or Spotify is used, there is a tendency to measure agile transformation by adherence to that framework, rather than the value it provides.” - arxiv.org

The Tools You Already Use, In The Environment You Already Know

What if you had the opportunity to achieve both with a SAFe implementation? An adherence to the framework while continuing to capture and benefit from processes your teams have previously made within Jira and Confluence. You can, but how? Agile Hive. A product of the developers at Seibert Media in collaboration with Germany’s leading SAFe expert KEGON, Agile Hive is the easiest way to implement and fully integrate SAFe into your Jira environment. Let’s look at five reasons how Agile Hive will enable you to effectively and efficiently implement a SAFe rollout in Jira.

Your teams have successfully worked within your Jira instance, but you want to extend and improve upon that foundation. They’re familiar with the environment itself and the tools available to them. Agile Hive integrates seamlessly within your existing Jira, and if you want, can also automate your documentation within Confluence. You can access your existing reports and create new ones easily through intuitive menus. As you continue with your work and all is going as planned, now you just need to seek confirmation. Reports provide an easy and efficient overview of each team’s progress. Agile Hive allows managers to view open or currently worked issues quickly, with at-a-glance live updates and dashboards.

Simplification of implementing SAFe

Like most, you and your teams want to hit the ground running. Agile Hive ensures your implementation is “SAFe by the book.” Agile Hive simplifies your SAFe implementation, and it’s easy to use thanks to an intuitive set of features and functionality.

Many times, you rely on aspects such as robust, automated reports. Agile Hive comes ready to go with pre-built, powerful automated reports and SAFe project templates.

Who are the team members involved? What is the overall progress? What are the active Sprints and issues for each? These and many other critical information pieces are communicated easily within Agile Hive’s pre-built SAFe reports.

Complete PI Planning

Program Increment (PI) planning must be in place to truly implement and practice SAFe. Traditionally, these face-to-face events serve as the basis for the Agile Release Train (ART), aligning teams on the vision and goals and the steps to get there. If the worldwide events of 2020 serve as an example, sometimes physically collocating dozens or hundreds of employees is just not possible or practical. Agile Hive provides the platform for either traditional or remote PI’s.

Agile Hive’s automated Program Board provides the ability to view progress, including the status of features, ART objectives, and risks. With Agile Hive, you’ll now have the tools to create, manage & visualize PIs, iterations, work items, capacities, and (external) dependencies.

At a glance, you can quickly gain an understanding of the dependencies between issues to support planning. As mentioned, traditionally, the work of a PI and the ART needed to occur in person. Agile Hive has proven that critical work can continue remotely when needed or preferred, as demonstrated here.

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More Information

SAFe At All Levels

Whether it’s Essential, Large Solution, Portfolio, or Full SAFe, Agile Hive is capable and ready. Hierarchies, artifacts, processes, and reports that are all SAFe compliant are integrated right into your Jira. 

Essential – Agile Teams: Agile teams plan & track their work with intuitive breakout boards and real-time SAFe reports to create as much business value as possible.
Program: Product Managers manage the idea intake, prioritize the backlog, and track progress with real-time SAFe reports. RTEs can ensure that ARTs run smoothly.
Large Solution: Solution Managers manage the idea intake, prioritize the backlog, and track progress with real-time comprehensive SAFe reports.
Portfolio: Portfolio Managers prioritize the backlog, manage Epic Hypothesis Statements, Lean Business Cases, and track progress with real-time SAFe reports.


SAFe and JiraThe best journeys are taken together. Let us accompany you on your SAFe journey every step of the way.

We know that a SAFe implementation can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be with the right tools and the right partner. So whether you're about to take your first steps or ready to scale up, we will be there to help you evaluate and guide you through the process. Together with Germany's leading SAFe partner, Kegon, we will use our expertise in Agile Hive, Jira, and Jira Align to help you find the right methods and tools to fit your needs wherever you are on your SAFe journey.

Get in touch with us today so we can help get you started the best way possible for your organization.

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