Global SAFe Summit 2021: Scaled Agile and Agile Hive

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The pandemic has changed what we constitute as “normal business.” Our circumstances forced us to adapt and change. However, Agile reminds us that despite the daunting challenges ahead, we can manage these changes and SAFe is a guiding compass for navigating it. 

SAFe promotes alignment, collaboration, and delivery across large numbers of agile teams. It is formed based on the principle knowledge of agile software development, lean product development, and system thinking. SAFe provides a structured approach for scaling agile and a better way of working. It makes organizations more productive and innovative, and the work we do more engaging, meaningful, and sustainable. 

Wherever you are in the world, come and join the 2021Global SAFe Summit. This event condenses years of experience, guidance, and practical tips to guarantee success in times of uncertainty. Acquire the knowledge and skill sets you need to improve your SAFe practices, create the highest value work, build organisational resilience, and create sustainable change. It is your chance to connect with other SAFe practitioners and gather advice and tips across various fields. Have your team learn the new ways of working together in your organisation. 

Overall, see how organizations are using the SAFe framework successfully and find out where SAFe is going next. Learn the practical tips that will get your team on board and accelerate the agile process. Finally, choose from both live and on-demand content across a range of topics and time zones. 

1 Event, 2 Days, 3 Time zones

The 2021 Global SAFe Summit is taking place from September 27th to October 1st across multiple time zones from the Americans, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC). The same agenda will be repeated three times, so you can choose the one that works best for you. If you want to attend more than one event, no worries. You will find all the content is online and on-demand.

Americas:  September 27th - 28th
EMEA: September 29th - 30th
APAC: September 30th - October 1st 

The conference has a lot to offer and features numerous renowned practitioners from a wide range of industries.  They will be talking about successful implementation, strategies, practices, and insight in technical presentations, customer stories, how-to sessions, etc. The online event is centered into four major tracks. 

Track 1: Key notes

Hear from keynote speakers on their professional experience using SAFe as a guideline to navigate the future of business and how it brings value to the business operations. 

Track 2: SAFe in the Real World 

Gain practical insight on how to incorporate SAFe into daily business practices,  including empowering hybrid and remote teams, and building executive sponsorship. 

Track 3: Leading Your Business Agility Strategy 

Build agility across your whole organization by bringing SAFe into various teams whether it is Marketing or Human Resources. Learn to integrate SAFe in your portfolio strategy. 

Track 4: Customer Stories

Is there anything more insightful than hearing from customers who use SAFe in their business? Chat with real customers such as Porsche and Deutsche Telekom about their ongoing journey.

Take a look at the conference website to view more information on the tracks, topics, and speakers that encompass the Global SAFe Summit 2021. You are sure to find a wide variety of interesting topics and discover exciting new solutions and approaches to implement in your organization.  

Agile Hive at the Global SAFe Summit 2021

Such a large-scale event is dependent on sponsors, and we are proud to be among them with Agile Hive – SAFe with Atlassian Tools

Our Seibert Media colleague, Peter Weingärtner, will be presenting “Like peanut butter and jelly: SAFe® in Jira.” Kurt Jäger, management consultant from KEGON, will also be joining to demonstrate and explain why it makes absolute sense that both tool and method are considered equally in SAFe transformation.   

Here is a sneak-peak of the presentation content:

Like eating, we are all looking for the "comfort zone" in our daily business. SAFe® and Jira create a special synergy that takes your processes to another level. One is an agile tool and the other is an agile framework - like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together. But peanut butter and jelly can’t exist alone. Let Agile Hive provide the bread that holds everything together – stick with the tools you already use, in the environment you already know.

During the conference, there will be a Partner Marketplace, where attendees can connect with us to view demos, and request appointments. Why not get to know them in a session and/or at the Partner Marketplace?  Peter and the rest of our Agile Hive colleagues would be happy to get to know you virtually!

Get your tickets for the Global SAFe Summit 2021 now!

SAFe® with Atlassian tools: Get to know Agile Hive now!

Would you like to know more about Agile Hive and the software-supported implementation of SAFe®? We would be happy to discuss your requirements for enterprise-wide agile product development and product management with you. Take a look at our Implementation Project documentation to see an overview of what an implementation would entail.

Get in touch with us today and let us demonstrate how it works in a personal session.

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